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That Post I Made Was Completely Inexcusable And In Poor Taste And I Sincerely Apologize

I know this is gonna come off as me only feeling bad because I got banned for it, and that's completely warranted.

I'm not expecting sympathy, I'm not expecting another chance out of this and wouldn't be surprised if this post gets taken down and this account gets banned for being an alt.

I simply want to take a moment to own up to my f**k up and say that I'm sorry.

This is probably gonna come off like I'm being full of s**t when I say this, but I promise I genuinely was not going for edgy points when I made that comment. In my mind at the time, I thought I was being completely hyperbolic. Of course I don't condone rape and the topic at hand was already revolving around a messed up situation that could've ended much worst. In hindsight, I should've posted something more along the lines of "you telling me they could've watched Iggy showering, but went for the jewelry instead?"

Or anything significantly less cornball-sh and scumbag-y that would've been more inclined to what my actual intentions were when writing that joke. But I don't wanna come off like I'm making excuses. It's not about the intent, it's the result.

I thought I had one. I was surely mistaken.

Anyone on here who is familiar with my history on KTT knows that I don't typically apologize when I say something out of pocket and that I instead prefer to double down on my ignorance thinking that it would create more interesting dialogue and content on the site...

But this isn't one of those moments.

I was foul and I'm sorry KTT. Truly.

It wasn't funny.

Matter of fact, to all the mods reading this, I would like to request that one of y'all suggest to me a charity that specializes in helping victims of rape, domestic violence and sexual abuse, and on Friday (11/29/2019) I'll gladly fork up some cash and post the screenshot here.

It is currently 4:55 PM 11/23/2019 as I am typing this. Tag all mods please.
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