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He talks about Rodeo (will be realeased in March according to the article), his vision for the tour and his career, and also fashion. Check it out.


"Have you ever been to a rodeo?" Travis Scott asked us. We shook our heads. "no." The 22 year-old hip hop artist/producer is set to drop his first album titled Rodeo in March, which is a follow-up to the free release of Days Before the Rodeo. To explain its significance, Scott went for a reference that he thought we'd understand: "It's like a Beyoncé concert," he said. "The carnival, the livestock, and the show are all parts of the event. I feel like that's how my life is. The carnival is like my imagination-it's the drive behind my vision. Even though I don't feel like I'm at a point where my shit is at an all-time high, we're working to get there. We are working to get to the level of where your magazine is and to stand on that level. The livestock show is the road to get to where I'm going. At this point, I'm riding a bull for just eight seconds and it's hard as fuck. But we made it."

"Making it" is relative, but in Scott's case it proves to be an understatement; with a list of collaborators ranging from John Legend and Iggy Azalea to Rick Ross and Jay Z, Scott's been on a roll. Moments before our interview, he had stepped off of a flight from Atlanta where he was directing a video for recent hip hop phenonmenon, Young Thug. He looked beyond weary from his travels, saved only by a bag of Tates chocolate chip cookies that we found on set.

According to Scott it all started 147 weeks ago (he used his Instagram account to confirm the timeline), when T.I. hit him up to say he was impressed by his first music video. It was a video that he subdirected just before leaving Houston to "try and get signed to music in New York."

His momentum continued thanks to an introduction to Kanye West by his manager Anthony Kilhoffer. Scott worked with Kanye on his debut project Owl Pharaoh in 2013 under T.I.'s Warner imprint label Grand Hustle. He's also credited with co-producing the hit track "Don't Like" for Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music's popular compilation Cruel Summer.

It wasn't only the music and fame that steered CR towards Travis. Like Kanye West and many of the Kanye West-to-bes before him, he was thrust into the fashion world. His eyes lit up when he saw our racks filled with rows of vintage Raf Simons and Yohji Yamamto spoils. Like most fashion victims, he claims to have gotten it from his momma. "My mom worked for Louis Vuitton. She was a retailer. So she always dressed me in shit. But I didn't understand it when I was little." Now Travis' work has taken him to Paris (and Paris Fashion Week) and he's "real selective" in his fashion choices, which, of late, lean towards minimalism. "Raf is cool 'cause it always looked like a street brand. I looked up to [Kid] Cudi a lot and Western movies."

If anything is clear about Scott, his premonitions of not yet peaking are accurate. His approach to music and fashion are unmistakably that of a true artist, and not only because he operates within the confines of no rules whatsoever. His sound is a loud, chaotic Internet-age blend of everything. "I won't be content with a Grammy or a platinum album. I'll never be content, but I have a vision."

His vision can't quite be pinpointed but he rattled off a slew of other interests, all of which we found to be surprising: Travis's favorite movie is The Breakfast Club, he hopes to someday own a home in Toronto ("they have the illest houses there"), he has his sites set on scoring movies, and if he had his pick, he'd cast Ryan Gosling to play himself in a movie. "Smooth motherfucker. He could play me for real. Or Chris Rock?" he contemplated. "Nah, he's too old." As for his leading lady, that's another interesting choice. "Kylie Jenner. She would be the Nancy to my Sid."

"This orgy is over," he shouted to his entourage as we walked out of the smoke-filled room. It was a good thing that it was over-we were starting to catch a bit of a contact high. Kylie Jenner, we hope that you're reading this.
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