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Track release theory.

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I try not to speculate because I know we'll get the album soon enough, but I have a theory about tracks from WTT releasing.

If the digital version truly is supposed to come out August 1, we could receive 1 new track each day from the album and it would be timed perfectly with that date. Stay tuned to http://soundcloud.com/watchthethrone/ because many people are referring us there. Imagine Lift Off debuting at midnight on August 1 as the last song before the digital album drops.

Promotion-wise it makes sense because the hype and actual tracks will dominate everything in music. Even snippets or versions with samples missing (Is Otis missing the Blades of Glory sample?) would increase awareness. I know most of Gaga's album was released as official singles prior to the official date and it was still a huge success.

Lastly, this is probably reaching, but when Jay said he didn't want to release "a single", maybe he wanted to release every track as a single.

But like I said, we'll get the album in due time. These two release much more quality music in a short span of time than any other rappers and it's no big deal if we're not here to hear it the second it drops.
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would be fucking awesome
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