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Tomorrow, we make music history!

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First, thank you so much to everyone for their support and hard work throughout this entire project. Please continue to spread the word and the fight for Lupe Fiasco and intelligent music after Friday.

Second, please go over the itinerary so we are all on the same page.

11:30- all meet by William Tecumseh Sherman statue (go over schedule, group photo, go over chants, give out flyers and cds for distribution, do any pre-interviews) Basically prepare for march/protest.

12:00- begin march to Atlantic (2-5 people across marching to prevent blocking of traffic and/or pedestrian walking because we CAN NOT do that) chants the whole time while marching, possibly playing songs for a walking sing along

1:00- arrive at Atlantic and protest officially begins outside Atlantic

1:00-1:30: Speeches: Morelli, La Corte, Eko, and Lupe Fiasco.

1:35-Reading of Lasers Manifesto

1:35-2:00: series of chants, rally calls, singing songs a capella

2:00-2:30: Play Lupe songs over sound system

2:30-3:00: biography of Lupe Fiasco and description of charity

3:00-4:00: Time set aside for potential concert, chants, press, or anything the group wants to do.

***Our sound permit ends directly at 4:00, so all amplified sound has to end there.
4:00-? Continue to protest, rally, and celebrate
Third, please realize your actions don't only represent you on Friday, but Lupe himself and his fan base.
-No profanity.
-Absolutely no violence or property damage.
-be respectful to all people

Fourth, please take a look at this information. If we have everybody help out then the event and the power of the message will be that much stronger.


-enable all phones, if not already, to have Twitter/Facebook/Internet to constantly post updates/pictures/videos during the rally

-make your own signs (we will have some extras, but can't promise them for everyone) with the release date, "Victory" or anything you'd like.

-Please bring your own camera to document the event

-burn copies of Lupes Mixtapes for distrubution

-Print copies of Lasers Manifesto for distribution

- Print flyers for distrbution

-Wear Fiasco Friday shirts, or black and camo

-wear username badges if you are Lupe forum poster
Fifth, THIS EVENT IS HAPPENING RAIN OR SHINE! We are prepared to handle the rain. And coming out during rain makes us look more passionate. Dress warm though, the weather could get a bit chilly.

Sixth, be prepared to be interview for press. We encourage all supporters to take part in interviews- we are one intelligent group of people and we can all speak about this issue effectively. There will be a lot of press which is a very exciting possibility for exposure!

Seventh, best wishes to our friends in Chicago holding down their rally. Good stuff guys enjoy it! :)

Eighth, if you can not come we strongly suggest you follow the days events on the different social networking sites. We are really trying to get #fiascofriday to trend, so don't forget to copy/paste tweets a bunch tomorrow. Also, you can listen to a broadcast live from the protest on http://www.wmsvradio.com/radio.html.

Lastly, I leave you with some this:

In less than a month, a bunch of fans over the internet challenged a multi-billion dollar music corporation. They are scared. We received a call from ATLANTIC saying "we gave you a release date, why are you still protesting." We are making serious progress, but it is still important for us to come out this Friday. We will celebrate our accomplishment of getting a release date, protest the injustice of Atlantic, and use our event as a promotional tool for Lasers.

Once again, thank you all SO much for everything you've done. Hope to see everyone tomorrow!

God Bless,
Matthew La Corte (973-865-1339)
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Thank you, Matt, for playing such a big part in this movement, as well as the rest of my fellow Lasers on this site.  :)  It's been a pleasure doing this with all of you guys!  This LASERS Movement is something I will, quite honestly, never forget. I can honestly say it's had the biggest, most positive impact on my life, this whole protest alone. 

To all my fellow Lu fans makin' the trek to New York, I leave you with this:

Thank you all so much!!
lmao coldplay, I'll be there tomorrow
Lol lookout I think someone will wear a fake CT name tag just to piss you off
CT said:
Im aware. Your damn group has been spamming the hell out of my FB.
oh great a bunch of nerds at a rally with there fanmade shirts baking for each other.

Gimme the real song, dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moodmuzik said:
oh great a bunch of nerds at a rally with there fanmade shirts baking for each other.
check ya pms
Coldplay Expert said:
Gimme the real song, dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:ahhh:  :ahhh: :ahhh: :ahhh: :ahhh: :ahhh: :ahhh: :ahhh: :ahhh: :ahhh: :ahhh: :ahhh: :ahhh: :ahhh: :ahhh: :ahhh:
Moodmuzik said:
check ya pms
i thought you guys already got a release date?
we did, but way too much work has gone into fiasco friday for us to stop now. plus, the protest goes deeper than just us wanting an album.
I want to go to this so bad. >_>

and thank you to all of KLIVE/KANYETOTHE you guys are heros and are truly making hip hop history!
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