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To all my high school dudes chasing girls

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So ive noticed a lot of posts asking about advice when it comes to girls.. Seems like most of these come from guys in HS, so I just wanted to throw some stuff out there that I have learned. I hope this helps some of you..

So let me start off with the main point behind this post.. In HS, enjoy yourself. HS is a time where you have little to no responsibility outside of school, and things are much more simple. Enjoy hanging out with your buddies, enjoy the girls, and dont take things to seriously.

When you start dating your first girlfriend or two, its easy to fall head over heels for them. Its an emotion that you are not used to, and it feels great. Truthfully, this probably wont last. Enjoy and learn from the experience. My first HS gf came when I was 15. I thought we would be together forever LOL, that lasted a year, and havent heard from here since.

I guess the easiest way to sum this up, is that who you are in HS is probably not who you will be in the years after. When you graduate, life will take you and everyone you know in different directions, and lead to new experiences. Things that mattered or didnt matter in HS will change. You will find new passions and meet new people, and its hard to be with someone who you feel like your growing apart from whether it be distance, physical, mentally, etc.

I dated a girl from age 16-22. Fell in love, and still in love. Not sure if im in love with who we were at one point, in love with her, in love with the idea of being in love with here, idk. She is on the east coast going to school growing as a person and I am trying to do the same out here. Everything I said above can be demonstrated through this relationship. When we were in HS, the biggest decision in life was what movie we were going to watch. We graduated and attended schools within the same area. Then you run into situations like money, new passions that the other person does not share, status of you relationship and where it leads, maturity, new friends, etc. All I can say guys is, enjoy your experiences while they last and if/when things end, be thankful for them, and then on to the next one.

I was going to get into the dreadful "Twenty One".. The age most girls want to "explore" who they are (which is great if your a single guy looking to get laid, but terrible if your in a long term relationship). But this was already long enough, and im sure someone else can hit on this if they want.

Joe seems to be the man when it comes to advice, so I cant wait to see what he has to add.
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pretty lulzy thread tbh, and I can honestly say that to all you HS guys (I am one also) I've learned that the way you feel about a girl might not necessarily be the way she feels about you especially if you haven't talked to her about your feelings. Like the other guys said, don't idealize these girls, treat her like everyone else ( even though its hard) and things will work out.

And always remember "if it was meant to be, it will happen."
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Kenny Powers said:
Real shit, respect brah.
sup son, I been doin this (Jigga voice)
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Dropout_Bear said:
Honestly guys don't even bother dating in high school, or at least keep it very casual. Once you get to college, it's like girls transformed into women over one summer. Girls change a lot, hell everyone does, in high school. You could fall head over heels for someone one year and the next year they're not even that same person anymore.

My advice: as great as long term relationships are, try not to get too wrapped up in them in high school because there is a much higher risk of setting yourself up for heartbreak.

And no matter what, no matter how amazing she is, no matter how much you love her, do NOT make your life about her. Have your own life outside of her, your own friends, your own personality, or if you don't it will destroy you if she breaks your heart.
yah p much /thread
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