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The Tito the Fiasco Blog is the official blog sponsored by KTT members Tito Maas and Cudi_the_Fiasco. Obviously, an actual working blog developed by the Sports Crew has been in the works for quite some time now, and this might actually be successful.

Therefore, this thread will act as the official, especially since Tito's posts are way too fucking long. As of right now, the blog will be supervised by Cudi and myself.

Retweets on Twitter are greatly appreciated ^_^ SPREAD THE WORD

RECENT POSTS Because we know you didn't really read that shit

I Can't Tell If This Is A Great Year Or Not by Tito Maas - In a world where Drew Brees throws eight interceptions in three games, Randy freakin' Moss gets traded from New England to Minnesota of all places in the fourth week of the season, and the Colts look like first-round exits this year despite Manning throwing for 1600 yards in the very first three games… this year looks pretty awesome. Kind of. http://is.gd/gp5pW

Top 5 NFC Teams by Cudi_the_Fiasco - This whole conference is a crapshoot. http://is.gd/gp29k

Top 5 Teams in the AFC by Cudi_the_Fiasco - Why would they move down after a win? They wouldn't. http://is.gd/gp21M

This Is Why I Don't Gamble by Cudi_the_Fiasco - I don't gamble. I'm able to now, just becoming of the legal age to do so a few months ago. But there is no way I'm making (or taking) any bets involving NFL games right now. http://is.gd/giqJc

The Eagles are still the most exciting team in the League by Tito Maas - Sometimes you forget, and I just didn't want everyone to forget where the biggest NFL storyline is. http://is.gd/gfbkK

Blog: http://titothefiasco.wordpress.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/titothefiasco
GMail: [email protected]

Tito Maas = chytownrep
Cudi_the_Fiasco = cudithefiasco

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Currently looking to expand and diversify Tito the Fiasco subject matter. Expansion from NFL-only to incorporate NBA, MLB, Soccer posts.

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