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Throwback: Pitchfork gave Rhythm & Gangsta.... 2.1 out of 10

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Apparently pitchfork weren't feeling smooth neptunes style or the relaxed feel as much as KTT were LOL.... feelings were caught tbh


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I love how they started it with, "Snoop Dogg is old."

damn really? changed my mind completely.
90% of the album is boring, Tyler likes it though
Welp might as well throw this CD into the trash
Sexual Eruption was his last great song
Album had dope singles

Drop It Like It's Hot, Signs & Let's Get Blown >>>>
op late
Jary Soak said:
Sexual Eruption & Gangsta Luv were his last great songs
Joshua said:
Real Deal said:
Blue Carpet Treatment was nice imo.

That album is way too slept on
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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