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This refreshing is getting annoying

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Most people are in agreeance that this is the day we get the leak. So I bought into that nonsense & now I refresh this page every 15 minutes.

I hate this... who else is a loser like me?
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Haha trying to make someone a guinea pig to get a virus on that link.. Who ever is impatient will get the damn virus it's pretty small to be the whole album anyway.. I rather wait for that full quality version should be leaked by the end of the week.. Hopefully..
Stoner Rage said:
There's no need for him to prove himself.. you either believe him or you dont.. either way he isnt leaking it so it doesnt really matter
This should be the end of scarves he isn't going to leak it so why the fuck beg? smh
Haha I have the album in "Mastered Version" I'm not going to leak it bc im a dousche.. Sounds like someone i herd on here (cough cough) scarves..lmao
Damn you back on this topic I thought it was over... smh.. We will ALL hear it soon!! In a matter of time.. You guys don't like to anticipate I see..
I 3rd on that review idea..
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