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This refreshing is getting annoying

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Most people are in agreeance that this is the day we get the leak. So I bought into that nonsense & now I refresh this page every 15 minutes.

I hate this... who else is a loser like me?
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Nooo somebody else do it...
Go ahead ;)
TheLonelyStoner said:
Anyone downloading these?
What do you mean?
MrCudderStan said:
goddamnit who do ghost nd trapped in my mind have tracklist times !! (i always use wiki album pages to tell if a album leaked or not)
Nice find.
I'm on my work computer so I can't risk the download. But if someone else has iron-balls. Please let us know if it's the real deal!
It's only 67MB so the quality of the files is probably shit. But hey, 128kbps or 320kbps... I want me some Cudi
R_ToThe_S said:
idk I kinda think someone should give it a shot if you have some serious virus protection on your pc. I mean... it was just uploaded today. Either someone is a cunning asshole, or they really got the album... today  :kanyeshrug:
Already Home said:
I'm not able to download it
So winrar (trial) doesn't work on Macs?
prot0 said:
I tried downloading the other one. only 54mb and its a rar so idk. I have a mac so I'm not worried about viruses. I'll try the torrent one now.
Possibly because there's only one seeder
Already Home said:
No like I tried to and it wouldn't download it stayed 0%
Bummer... thanks for trying tho
prot0 said:
yea none of those work. all fakes. plus they're small files.
Because it's exactly 2 weeks before its release day... a popular time when amazon/itunes/retailers receive the album. That means it's "out in the wild". Also last year MOTM allegedly leaked 2 weeks before release. Lastly, Matteo claims he receives leaks 2 weeks before they release. Many things pointing to today.

I'm about 100% sure someone out there has the album earlier than they should. By someone, I mean a consumer... not a retailer. It's all about when they decide to upload it.
SFerno91 said:
wait... why is everyone so positive its gonna leak today?
You asshole, you have it dont you.
Scarves be nice
Scarves said:
If you can get the tracklength of these songs before you download it, imma tell you if it's correct or not.
So do I. We're zune brothers. So share with me :)

Alright well let's say you do have the album. I can kinda understand not sharing (not really). But can you at least give us some more insight into the songs themselves? I mean you have to have something to share. Don't you like music discussion?
Scarves said:
If I had any plans to give you this it would have already been done.I don't fuck with itunes sorry.
G.O.O.D. said:
Lol this guy is 100% bullshit:p to be honest it would be really easy for me to leak it if I had a old iPhone 3G running 3.0 software lmao! Cause when it's jailbroken there's an app that makes you listen to full preview on iTunes instead if just the 30 secs. So Scarves don't act like mr. Big shot cause you don't have squat:p if you do... Prove it. I don't mean leak it, just prove it and I'll admit I was wrong and I'll apologize.
This avy is my favorite homeless guy.
Black Mamba said:
lol vigor your avy looks like flavor flav
You guys dont think it's a little dousche-baggery that he wont even share details about the album though?
comedyjunkie06 said:
Hahhhaha at people doubting scarves- hahaha- just Bc he won't leak it u guys call bs- trust me - trust scarves
drop.out said:
lol at people tryna compromise with scarves,
better men than you have tried and failed, give up cudi fans :D
Stoner Rage said:
You clearly weren't on klive or at least not enough to know that scarves is legit..
That's just him stroking his own ego. If he wants to contribute to the FORUM he'd discuss the album.
kracker said:
he was trying to help you not download fake shit by confirming times.
details... not the album. I already told him I (kinda) understand him not giving us all the goodies.
Stoner Rage said:
Honestly no.. a. i'd want it to myself too.. b.he could get in serious shit for leaking it this early..
It's Scarves Calvary to his rescue is what it is.
****** are gettin so mean around here, goddamn! lmao
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