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This refreshing is getting annoying

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Most people are in agreeance that this is the day we get the leak. So I bought into that nonsense & now I refresh this page every 15 minutes.

I hate this... who else is a loser like me?
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MrCudderStan said:
goddamnit who do ghost nd trapped in my mind have tracklist times !! (i always use wiki album pages to tell if a album leaked or not)
Some of these aren't correct.
If you can get the tracklength of these songs before you download it, imma tell you if it's correct or not.
KingSalomon93 said:
Because i simply don't want to. In fact if it could stays under lock til next week that would be nice.
Vigor said:
You asshole, you have it dont you.
Scarves be nice
If I had any plans to give you this it would have already been done.
prot0 said:
so funny when people act like they have the album..take a screen of your itunes then.
I don't fuck with itunes sorry.
prot0 said:
lmao!!! ok scarves. sure. yup. well enjoy that album. lol.
You don't know me. But welcome on ktt.
TeamSupreme said:

LeAk Da Shiii HoMieE

:joe: :haw:
Sure, you're the one i'm gonna upload something for...
G.O.O.D. said:
I don't mean leak it, just prove it and I'll admit I was wrong and I'll apologize.
Yeah... I always cared about apologies from people I don't even know.
Shy said:
He's a legit guy, but it's very annoying when he tells people he has shit but doesn't share it. He also gets defensive when someone else threatens to leak it. Why does he get to hear the song? Dude is mad fake.
I'm not against these leaks. When someone wants to leak a retail album i don't even care. I mean you can ask Matteo. He leaked a couple of albums in the past I never said anything to him. I'm against all kinds of unauthorized/unfinished/stolen leaks.
Takeover said:
Wrong. It was already out. I think he said he put it out in 320
Well if you just wanna talk about album and don't care about the single tracks...

You sir, just got served.
Shy said:
What's the point of saying you have a song? Think about it. There is no reason to tell anyone you do. It's a classical case of "don't ask, don't tell". He doesn't always post in the defense of someone profiting. Ride his dick if you want, go ahead.
Well, if you want to I can make a list (that's just rethorical) but you'll get mad. The point here wasn't to say "hey i got the album but i won't leak it". I mean, i'm not the one who started a thread to try to separate the real torrents from the fake ones.
Vigor said:
That'll be me!
Yeah. I just offered my help. Now grown ups will just say "good for him" and they'll be right. And kids will just cry to get their gift.
Shy said:
You've always gave "hints" and "clues" about upcoming tracks. "This song will be completely different". Sometimes even something absolutely ambiguous which could be interpreted any way without any educated guess: "...just wait, it will surprise you". You've done that for a long time. It was most annoying during TML. Imagine three months of that. That shit doesn't add anything to the thread. It seems like every major release I've been around, you've done it.
Because you can't read clearly. Latest example in my mind.
ryan2611 said:
DP doesnt hear it until tomorrow so i doubt anyone else has heard it.
I have nothing to do with DP.
Vigor said:
You're kind of jumping in the middle of the conversation. Nobody has said anything of the sort.
This is probably why the thread is 12 pages long. While it could have been only 3 or 4 pages long by now....
Vigor said:
Nobody is mad at you for not leaking it Scarves. There may be a disconnect in communication here. It was the way you came in, almost bragged about having it... didn't say a word about the album itself (notice I didnt say anything about you leaking it)... and then disappear. It was prob best you didnt say anything at all. THis is why I've repeatedly called you both a douschebag and egotistical throughout this whole thread. Has NOTHING to do with you leaking it.
Well i don't really care about people calling me douchebag. It's the internet. I offered my help, some kids started to cry and that's it.
PhoenixHorus said:
Well if you really wanna make an investigation, I even asked to some people (still as a rethorical question) if they would be pleased to hear a Ye/Jay-Z album a week before someone even mentionned it. :kanyeshrug:

And 6 is more than 5, it doesn't mean it's about a full album.

But if you guys want me to brag, I can. Yesterday I played some tracks you'll never hear :jo: :sadblu: :banjo:
See? This is "bragging".
Vigor said:
I don't like you. That's okay right? I mean it's just the internet so that's okay right?
It is completely right. In a minute i'll leave that computer and will completely forget about this conversation.
Shy said:
I am not talking about Kanye West's music. In general all you practically do is ego trip (I guess that's what you get out of it). And you clearly can't comprehend. I'm saying don't tell anyone you have a certain track or album because it adds absolutely nothing but makes you look like some pompous idiot who reprises having presently unreleased work who strives for attention and "e-cred" for being the "inside guy". We understand you have tracks. The difference between you and Mateo is, we KNOW he has tracks, too, but he says absolutely nothing about having them. Even if he doesn't release any music, we know he's probably one of the first people who'd have it. You, however, parade and make it known months in advance of your inside "credentials" on information.

I know I could appear like a jealous person but I'm just speaking my mind and calling it how I see it. And I've seen it a lot in the past.
I think you take this too seriously.
Vigor said:
Cool but if you come back, you better have a mediafire.com link in hand

Just playin...
....unless you're gonna do it.
I won't have a such link. I made it clear. If I wanted to leak the album, you would be listening to it by now. I don't want to. I offered my help, you didn't want it, fine. All this talk is unnecessary.
Shy said:
Great response. :work:
You were hoping for a looong and insightful post? Sure i got shit early but I don't speak that much about it.
But if you want to, i can flood that thread http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/index.php?topic=41.0 with tracks you never heard of. That would be "bragging". I don't call "bragging" saying you have an album that'll drop in a couple of weeks.
Icehfx said:
Why wouldn't someone leak it if they had it?
Why would someone leak it? I mean, Cudi has his own album, he won't leak it. Why? Because he doesn't want to. So do I. And a lot of people are like me.
Vigor said:
If you outright bragged instead of half-assed it. I think I'd dislike you less :)
Fine but...
Scarves said:
It is completely right. In a minute i'll leave that computer and will completely forget about this conversation.
MycockHeavy said:
Do you have Laser ?
Best nickname and avy. Hands down. :worship:
Shy said:
Truthfully, I'm indifferent if you've had a track or not. Keep it. More power to you. It's when you tell us about it.
I don't tell you about it.
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