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This refreshing is getting annoying

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Most people are in agreeance that this is the day we get the leak. So I bought into that nonsense & now I refresh this page every 15 minutes.

I hate this... who else is a loser like me?
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Vigor said:
idk I kinda think someone should give it a shot if you have some serious virus protection on your pc. I mean... it was just uploaded today. Either someone is a cunning asshole, or they really got the album... today  :kanyeshrug:
No like I tried to and it wouldn't download it stayed 0%
Scarves has this album. Fact. Anyone saying otherwise doesn't know his history.
Shy said:
Who cares if he has it. WE don't have it.
I don't care if he does, I care that people that don't know shit are saying that he's BS when we all know Scarves is legit.
Takeover said:
WTF has Scarves leaked? Some of you guys need to get off his dick
1.) Distant Relatives
Bib-Lick-Cool said:
but he's known for doing more than leaking
This, as well

The way Scarves gives us information is through hints, and if you guys can't decipher the hints. Well, I'm sorry.
Scarves said:
You were hoping for a looong and insightful post? Sure i got shit early but I don't speak that much about it.
But if you want to, i can flood that thread http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/index.php?topic=41.0 with tracks you never heard of. That would be "bragging". I don't call "bragging" saying you have an album that'll drop in a couple of weeks.
Do it, I wanna see names of songs hahaa
taz. said:
Why do people want an album to leak 2weeks before release? All that does is hurt the artist, seems dumb to be pissed for not having it now, just fucking wait, it will be one week max.
I want to hear it, and Cudi doesnt GAF about record sales?
MycockHeavy said:
This thread is getting annoying*
this guy is good
Scarves said:
Not at all.Oh that wasn't a diss or something like that. It was more an advice.

Anyway, i'm out. Good luck finding a real torrent -since that was the point of this thread-.
Scarves when do you think this will leak? No idea?
taz. said:
Lol I don't care what Cudi says every artist cares about album sales if he sold 5k you think he and his label wouldn't care? Of course he wants to sell as much as he can. Just wait a bit it will leak soon enough.
alright you won
ColeMFinWilliams said:
.....sooooo does it work?
His comp has a virus now so he can't respond
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