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This new Chris Brown song made me cry..

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what about yall?
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This song is one of the emotional songs I've heard in recent years.

Sample is excellent.

This song is a-fucking-mazing.
idk i can just relate to it so much cuz i just ruined a relationship with a girl i loved =/
LIRL im not saying i was balling my eyes out. but it made my eyes teary and shit. emotional song
CPThr33 said:

what about yall?
Props for admitting it. Too many guys wanna clown acting like they've never cried? This song didnt get me teary eyed or nothing but it did bring back some fucked up memories.
****** on this thread trying to act hard just cause it's Chris Brown.


Emotional song fosho
Way too many mindless OF drones on here.

I'm not a fan of a lot of the music CB has been putting out lately, but this is actually dope.
1 - 20 of 224 Posts
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