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This was posted over at KanyeLive for awhile. This will be the last few days you can enter, if you haven't already!!!!! If this is your first time seeing this, here is what was posted. PLEASE ENTER! I've had an overwhelming amount of people enter already. Let's make some music, my friends!

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I've been contemplating this for awhile. I've generated enough interest now, that I think I could pull this off. There are requirements though for the person I choose to do this tape!

1. You have to be able to flow on most of the beats I'm providing in the link below!
2. (most important) You have to have good sounding equipment! I'm not giving away these beats for someone to rap over, when there is static in your background. Quality must be good!!!!!!
3. You have to be completely serious. Someone who isn't gonna bullshit for months and months with doing tracks. With that said, I don't want someone kicking out 4 songs a day either. That to me shows lack of dedication to the QUALITY of their craft. I understand you may be in a studio bustin tracks out left and right, but your work will reflect that.

ALL ARTISTS MUST POST A LINK TO THEIR STUFF HERE BEFORE I CHOOSE YOU! I need to hear your lyricism, and your sound quality before I choose you.

If you think you are ready to put out an amazingly crafted mixtape, post your link!

Here is the link to some of the beats that will featured on our tape:

Feel free to comment, both positively and negatively, on the beats provided. I still have many unfinished tracks.

Let the fun begin! Remember, stay positive and inspired, every day that you are alive people!
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