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Thinking of starting a powerwashing business while at college

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I'm starting back at college this year.
I've around 1~2k to spend on starting a business, I'm not expecting to make a lot of money but I'd like to start something that's cheap enough to start where I can make a little money here and there..
I've already got a car.

I was thinking of power washing.. I could get a power washer for less than 1k, buy some flyers, set up some facebook ads and stuff and start power washing houses, drive ways and what not.

Any other ideas?
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How are you doing? Did you end up opening that business? Did you succeed?
My budget is not big but I also want to start my own business. It would be great to find out your experience.
Just go for it. Even if you fail, that will be a great experience for you.
On the other hand - there is always a chance that everything will go in the right direction and you can stay in the business for many and many years. With the programs like microsoft teams calling you can build a very successful communication with your customers, all at the same time.
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