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Theraflu is the new, improved Can't Tell Me Nothing

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I'm getting the same vibe and energy listening to this. The appropriate sequel has finally been made. Song is already harder than CTMN and doesn't take anywhere near as long to grow on you.
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bubblevest said:
Kinda reminds me of that day when Power just dropped out of nowhere :allears:
Explain that day for me please, breh breh? :allears:
bubblevest said:

Well, my dude, when I was a young vest back in May '10, I was actually about to leave for school but I was like, hold up let me just check if any music came out.  I went to yk2daily and all i see if "Kanye West- Power (snippet)", with a description saying "the greatest 30 seconds of your life"

And it was :cryfam:
and a great start to summer :allears:

Sounds so beautiful, pleh boi...
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bubblevest said:
:worship: Thank you my dude for letting a young vest reminisce on the good ol' days :allears:
Anytime breh breh :allears:

I slept on the MBDTF days, so I have no young jetson memories cryfammmmmmmm
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Mamber said:
Don't worry, it's 2012 Kanye Season. You'll have young jetson memories in the future
Truth, I'll definitely remember the Theraflu, The "kanye sampling beastie boys, just kidding its KTT fucking around :smug: , and Mercy threads" :slick:

Love you guys :cryfam:
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bubblevest said:
:h5: Oh I have a good feeling we bout to make some new memories this summer ya dig :datass:
I dig, swerve :h5:
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