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Was done by Drake aka champagnepapi
Give these ****** the looks, a verse and even a hook thats why every song sounds like Drake ft Drake.
Most rap/r&b #1's ever.
2x plat album/ 2 1x plat albums/1 gold EP.
OVO Label brand is pretty big now.
TOPSZN which stemmed from OVO is huge now.
RHQ's dream was to have a Drake verse on his album.
(R.I.P) A girls dying wish wash to meet Drake. (R.I.P Angel)
Has the hottest features, and undeniably the best features of any rapper out there atm.
Is the true icon of this generation, anytime he makes even the slightest move it trends worldwide.
Brought Canada to the forefront of urban culture. As said in an article once "he made Toronto sexy again" http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2014/07/17/drakes_got_the_6_sense_when_it_comes_to_branding_the_city.html
Also, he holds his own festival in his hometown of Toronto where for its 5th year now he will bring out many hip hop stars, and even legends of the culture. "I put my country on a new wave!", as said in 5 am in Toronto
Now unlike that other thread posted here acouple minutes ago, I provided nothing but straight facts whereas they just baited for a stan war. This is pure facts that I have stated and would like you a peaceful discussion if anybody has any doubts about anything in the OP.

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Not open for further replies.