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If anyone watched the after-film special with Sway on MTV, he says this. So clearly he's heard some of you who think you've "heard most of the album" or whatever. It's clear he has a surprise up his sleeve or he has changed the music considerably so it's dramatically different. So stop worrying and let the man do his thing.  :)

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See. All those that moaned, groaned, and were damn right ready to kill 'Ye because of a tracklist are now being extra hyped with all the information that he's given us.

The above twitter link saying that 'Ye is recording songs that make the leaks average.
West saying that the people whom listened to the leaks will still get a new experience out of the songs because he has done so much with them.
Watch the Throne is now a full album. He said Jay needed to come up with 10 verses. 10 songs maybe?
The "official" traacklist from iTunes will be changed. Chain Heavy & Mama's Boyfreind might make the album if everything goes well tommorrow when they decide the tracklisting.
G.O.O.D. Fridays are tough for him to follow up on, but they always make him step up his game and keep his creativity and ideas going.

So much info here. Like I said last night, 'Ye knows what we want and expect, so he is trying his best to give us what we hope to get. Knew 'Ye wouldn't let us down. Soooo happy to be right in not getting worked up over an "official" tracklist.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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