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Basically i feel Kanye West has a split personality which is expressed in a borderline personality disorder. This is evident throughout his work. One personality is Kanye West and the other is Yeezus, other names are Old Kanye and New Kanye and Pablo Picasso and Pablo Escobar. Their characteristics are obvious. Kanye West wants to create and Yeezus wants to confront. Although sometimes they work hand in hand.
The creation of this seperate personality could have occurred after the car crash or after the death of his mother, Donda West. 808s & Heartbreaks was the farewell to pure Kanye and MBDTF was the welcome of Yeezus. Although arguably Yeezus had been there all along and had been expressed in cases such as the George Bush Incident, blog rants and the Stronger single where Kanye depicts this through the clever use of Akira (which as we all know chronicles the complete possession and corruption of a human by a force) themes in the video, Stronger also warns of negative feedback making the Yeezus personality stronger and stronger, but Yeezus was successfully supressed till he became too powerful to overcome or ignore. The Yeezus personality was the driving force behind POWER, it had many influences on that album and was expressed as Kanye himself in the associated short movie. The phoenix represents the old Kanye and the corruption of him is represented in various ways throughout the movie but especially through sexual intercourse(Adam & Eve). The personality grew stronger and stronger over four albums fueled by media backlash till something happened, Kanye got married. The personality started to lose some power but it still controls him and fighting for more power compels Kanye to take more and more risks but the light or Ultra light beam that is his new family seeps through repelling the negative personality("We don't want no devils in the house") House representing mind, devil representing Yeezus. The Only One and All Day singles release which have no tie to the new album represent this as well(Only One: Kanye West Personality, All Day: Yeezus Personality)

Here is a list of albums and their corresponding overarching personality.

College Dropout: Kanye West
Late Registration: Kanye West
Graduation: Kanye West
808s & Heartbreaks: Kanye West
MBDTF: Yeezus
Watch the Throne: Yeezus
Cruel Summer: Yeezus
Yeezus: Yeezus (you guessed it!)

The Life of Pablo: Kanye/Yeezus(Hybrid)

The Life of Pablo is hybrid because:

ULB: Kanye West
FSMH PT. 1: Kanye West
PT. 2: Yeezus
Famous: Yeezus
Feedback: Yeezus
Low Lights: Kanye West
High Lights: Yeezus
Freestyle 4: Yeezus
I Love Kanye: Kanye West
Waves: Kanye West
FML: Kanye West
Real Friends: Kanye West
Wolves: Yeezus
Silver Surfer Intermission: Yeezus
30 Hours: Kanye West
NMPILA: Yeezus
Facts: Yeezus
Fade: Kanye West

9 Kanye, 9 Yeezus
9 Pablo Picasso, 9 Pablo Escobar
9 Old Kanye, 9 New Kanye

Hence the title:  " The Life of Pablo" 

Which one?
Album cover paradox: old kanye(family pic) and new kanye(booty model).

Read his tweets, very evident which personality is speaking at all times.

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