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i love how people are butthurted with this thing.
I used to get mad with their stereotypes in that Brazil episode, but then i realized that i was starting to sound like an old boring man that wants everything to be politically correct.
This is an obvious attack on the stereotypes of South Korea, not that they're super ignorant and view south korea that way. It's one thing called sarcasm that most of the people can't understand, especially on the internet.

pat7676 said:
Banksy is a fucking legend have so much posters and photos of his work in my crib and got his books and the movie

I adore this guy
wrong. Banksy is a talentless prick that gets blackballed from every city he goes to. Dude can't even get up in London anymore after he went over Robbo. Toronto, NYC, you name it, dude's work gets dissed; the way it should be.

read up:

so sick of "street art" fucks getting more respect than they're deserving of, his work could be done by a 12 year old. Nothing special at all.

Dude is not a legend by any standard
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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