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I remember when he and Kanye started people were arguing who the best out of the Chi was.....it's obvious with this being twista's 8th release who the best is and has been

but  that's not why I started this thread..I started because Twista continues to piss me me off, just look at this tracklist

01.  Darkness Ft. Dawreck Of Triple Darkness                      4:16
02.  Up To Speed                                                  4:03
03.  Make A Movie Ft. Chris Brown                                3:20
04.  I Do Ft. Lil Play                                            3:22
05.  2012 Ft. Tia London                                          4:06
06.  Sweating Ft. Scotty                                          3:41
07.  Back To The Basics                                          3:34
08.  Hands Up, Lay Down Ft. Waka Flocka Flame                    3:35
09.  Call The Police Ft. Ray J                                    3:01
10.  Cocaine Ft. Yo Gotti                                        4:22
11.  3 Minute Murder                                              3:02

Why would u put these features and shit on here and leave tracks like "Hustlaz" off?

He always sets himself up for failure, and this is why he will never be on G.O.O.D.

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Hustlaz is weak.

The Heat is a Best Buy exclusive bonus track.

"DX: Did I see correctly that "The Heat" isn't dropping on The Perfect Storm? Amazon doesn't have the song included on the album.

Twista: It's on the Best Buy version of the album.

DX: Okay, just the Best Buy version?

Twista: Yeah. I had a bunch of songs, man, [and] I had to move everything around the best I could to fit timelines and get everything perfect business-wise. And that was the way we came up with to - We wanted to give certain tracks to Best Buy to help sell that [version of the] album, [and] certain tracks to iTunes to sell this version. So, yeah, we spread them songs out a little bit."

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