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The Palmer Squares are a duo from Chicago, Illinois which consists of Term and Acumental. They have incredible word play and have numerous videos on YouTube displaying their skill. Luckily, I had the opportunity to interview them via e-mail as they answered questions about the type of music they listen to, their friendly competition when writing, some news on their upcoming project, and much more. Below is a snippet of the interview...

When creating a new song or cypher, how do you guys work-do you write your bars together or separately? Do you guys memorize each other's lines going into a video or cypher?

Ac: We write almost all of our bars separately. We'll plan the theme of a song in advance so we can approach it from similar angles, but our cypher verses don't always vibe extremely well. Like, we'll take a few days to write, then Term will show me his verse and it's all political & deep…meanwhile, I just wrote 24 bars about ripping a dude's head off. So yea, there tends to be a little contrast here and there.

Term: We have songs with concepts or storylines, but the way I see it, a cypher is a place for each emcee to showcase their newest material in an effort to inform others of the skill level they're at and where they're coming from, ya know?

You can read the full interview that I did with them here: http://premierhiphop.net/?p=3772
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