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The Official Name Rappers That KTT Wrongfully Hates On Thread

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na all these rappers suck
J. Cole
Tech N9ne
Kendrick Lamar - don't even need to explain, even if you don't like him... he's one of the best out right now

Lil Wayne - people forget how good he was

Drake - you can't even deny that he's dropping good music

Wiz Khalifa - all his projects are at least decent except for his mainstream debut which still had some dope tracks, has gone back to his old shit

Tyler the Creator - pretty much the same situation as Wiz

Wale, Lupe, and J Cole at times - they're good and you can't deny their talent but but some of their criticism is valid
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Kreamy Boi said:
na all these rappers suck
get out
Mamba said:
everyone here is naming shitty rappers on purpose

dan lock this troll thread
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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