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Who are the 3 teams you think will get relegated?

  • Wigan

    Votes: 44 33.1%
  • West Ham

    Votes: 26 19.5%
  • Southampton

    Votes: 46 34.6%
  • Norwich

    Votes: 59 44.4%
  • Qpr

    Votes: 47 35.3%
  • Aston Villa

    Votes: 41 30.8%
  • Sunderland

    Votes: 3 2.3%
  • Reading

    Votes: 71 53.4%
  • West Brom

    Votes: 16 12.0%
  • Other

    Votes: 8 6.0%
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1 vote each in the poll

And no fucking arguing, Ever :sarc2:

Cesc said:
If Arsenal don't sign M'Vila I'll delete my account.
KiD Kanye 3000 said:
How can we afford you're best player and captain? We will win the league, we almost always do.
Cesc said:
You won't win the league.
Konflikt said:
He'll be gone by Christmas. Quote me. :dno:
M. said:
:hah: Ricky was talking so much shit last year about how City would ruin Madrid. Now we'll have 2 matches to see this happen
Ricky said:
We'll take you at home
SS said:
What? No. I'm gonna enjoy watching Southampton lose 25 matches this season.
MrXToThaZ said:
After the performance I'm not worried about Relegation, I know we'll stay up!
I will delete my account if we get relegated, Not like someone else in this thread!

drop.out said:

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Yea Chelsea gon take this. Happy for Drogba.Hope they make him captain. Fuck, forgot about Lampard.
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