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http://usershare.net/nkfst7uyugi6 (second single snippet!! prod. by The Futurist!!!!) LOOK AT THE LINK!!!

http://www.mediafire.com/?pa1j2h646abxk24 First single, The Pursuit prod. by Ben Stokes. As I said in my post, I don't really like it, but maybe someone on here will. Second single 3-4 weeks.

Release Date : November - December 2010

Track listing

1. Sun Rise (Intro) (prod. by R.O.B.)
2. Heart And Soul (prod. by Ben Stokes)
3. The New Age (The Futurist)
4. Repeat Offender part 1 (prod. by DTF and BTOW of the group Purple)
5. The Dawning (prod. by SAGE)
6. Day And Age (prod. by SAGE)
7. Dream Life (prod. by Black Velvet)
8. Motion Picture Rap (prod. by BCB)
9. Actions (JSCBeats)
10. The Pursuit (prod. by Ben Stokes)
11. Restless (prod. by Venture) {Jwalbreak)
12. Emerging MC's (JSCBeats)
13. Witnesses (prod. by Nader)
14. Hominid (JSCBeats)
15. Tip Top (prod. by JSCBeats)
16. Untitled (prod. by JSCBeats)
17. Live Your Dreams (prod. by Ability)
18. Kid Again (prod. by SAGE)
19. Ready, Set, Go (prod. by The Futurist)
20. Untitled 3 (prod. by Mark Chubbs)
21.Repeat Offender part 2 (prod. by DTF and R.O.B.)
22. Nightmares ft. DTF (prod. by DTF)
23. Dedication ft. DTF (prod. by DTF and BCB)
24. Sunset (outro) (R.O.B.)
Repeat Offender Megamix

(Other producers include: Nadar, The Futurist, JSCBeats, Black Velvet, BCB, Wyatt Stone)
First Single - The Pursuit (prod. by Ben Stokes) coming in a couple weeks. Motion Picture Rap will most likely have production by BCB, were just finishing up deciding right now

COVER ART MADE BY R.O.B.! Thanks to him big time

Additional Information/Sample Credits

Repeat Offender part 1 - Produced by #DTF for KanyeLive Beats.Additional Production By BTOW
for the group "PURPLE" Backround Vocals Unkown .Contains a sample of Eleanor Rigby Covered By the Four Tops.Cover Of original song Elanor Rigby By the Rock & Roll Band The Beatles.Also Sampled in song "House of Flying Daggers" (featuring GZA, Method Man, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah)By Raekwon produced by J Dilla.Additional Instrumentation By BTOW.Contains a Sample Of Original Song Willie Hutch - A Love Thats Worth Having Preformed By Willie Hutch.Also Sampled in 50 Cent - I Got Swag.ALL SAMPLES CUT TO APPROPIATE SIZE.

Dediction - Kanye West Bring Me Down Live Version/ Sam Cooke A Change Is Gonna Come


(Made by Luke)

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So the first single is up. Looking back, I really dont like it. I mean besides the great beat, I felt everything could of been better, especially on my verse, I feel like the flow, emotion, lyrics, quality, I dont know, maybe I was just to nervous. I'm gonna make sure I only deliver the best in the future. Thanks for any feedback. Second single in 3-4 weeks. First single cover art coming soon.

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TheFuturist said:
not bad. But you guys did sound nervous and not toooooo confident.
But a good start!
Excited to see what you do with my two beats.
Thanks alot man. Im gonna make sure everything is perfect for those ones, as well as every beat from now on.

Once again big thanks to Ben Stokes, he really helped alot, and made sure the beat was perfect, as well as taking his time to master the track, couldnt be more grateful.

Second Single - The New Age (prod. by The Futurist) coming in about a month
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