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The Moment To Die For

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so i'm working on a new mixtape (my first can be heard here http://dannywinter.bandcamp.com/albums/absent-illusions) i'm going to put out before Christmas time, the title is The Moment To Die For.
the theme of the entire mixtape is about the drive of making it, the passion, the temptations, the glorified image of fame and being so close but yet so far away.

I'm looking to see if anybody would be willing to create a cover for me. I need something of high quality, and creative, I've seen lots of good talent here so i'm interested to see if anybody can come up with something for me :allears:
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Luke said:
I did a cover for the old title you gave me, not this one.
i dont remember why thou, because my mixtape was already out way before i ever messaged you to begin with, and i already had a cover i made on photoshop myself :dno:
Luke said:
No, the one with three words (I'm not sure if you want me to reveal it here.) Not Absent illusions but "A_____,S______,F_____"
always, sometimes, forever.

ohhh gothca,
yeah, that was gonna be the original title, but as i started making songs i noticed it didnt fit, and i realized where i wanted to take the whole theme so i changed it to The Moment To Die For
thanks thou man
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Luke said:
Here's my input :]

thanks man,
i like the last one the best out of all them.

we'll see.

bump btw, i wanna see if anybody else has input
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Synopsis said:
Can't wait to hear it. Produced all by you correct?
you know you know  :smug:
CaughtInTheLife said:
i donno if i'm really into the whole sports theme thou
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