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Someone sent me this on twitter and it had me CTFU so I thought I'd post it here for kicks! :awesome: (and no, I didn't write it lol)

The Mind Of A Drake Hater

I'm just saying……..YOU CAN DO BETTER.

For the past 2 years, I've sat back and observed perpetual Drake slander. You can find your daily dosage of Drake Hate on Twitter, Facebook, at your local barbershop, even at a funeral, the Drake Hate never sleeps.

Drake, the person, is an easy target for such jokey jokes. Even I can admit this.

His government name is Aubrey.

None of us have any control over our birth name. Some of our parents have bad taste, poor judgment & ghetto ass baby name books. I can't speak for everybody, but I would totally disown my parents if they would've named me Aubrey.

Aubrey was a former childhood star on the hit TV show Degrassi.

The Drake Haters love to use this childhood achievement as ammunition against Drake. This is their go-to move whenever they run out of material. When did being a childhood star become uncool? Are we in the business of judging rappers based on the occupations they had before they became rappers?

I find this funny because Tupac Shakur was a tropical belly dancer for Digital Underground, then he suddenly transformed himself into the most thuggish gangsta rapper in Hip-Hop history. Not to mention, Tupac also had a nose ring!! How did Tupac manage to pull this off?

Tupac went from Humpty Hump's yoga instructor to Thug Life tattoos on his belly button. Why does Tupac get a pass? Tupac wasn't LIGHT-SKIN……..that's why.

Being Light-Skin is automatic grounds for hate, especially when you're an up & coming rapper who achieved enormous success virtually overnight. Drake being Light-Skin is definitely a key variable in this equation. I honestly believe that.

If a Dark-Skin artist was making music exactly like Drake, he would be beloved in the Urban community. He would be slander-proof. They would call him a hood crooner. The Jig Is Up.

Drake makes music for women, and fly dudes who love being around women. It's that simple.

Drake doesn't create these melodic masterpieces for you over-analytical nerds that masturbate in the shower 37 times a week. He doesn't need validation from the Geek Squad.

Drake makes music for Gladiators that get pussy on a regular basis.

Drake makes music for Spartans that shampoo their woman's hair in the shower after she's had a long day at work.

Drake makes music for Vikings with very high Flourish levels.

Drake makes music for Cyborgs who prefer a female's company more than meaningless Hip-Hop debates with other men on Twitter at 3 AM.

Drake makes music for TENDERS who enjoy rapid-fire backshots on the balcony in Miami.

We tenderize the Tenders, you over-analyze the music that we tenderize the Tenders to. That's your job, Mr. Pocket Thesaurus BIG WORD memorizer guy.

Drake made PARIS MORTON MUSIC. Need I say more?

PARIS MORTON MUSIC is the greatest audio recording in American history.

PARIS MORTON MUSIC is fertilizer for the soul.

You say Drake isn't lyrical? Word? Have you ever heard 9 AM in Dallas? Keep going against the grain tho.

Drake's new record "Marvin's Room" has received a lot of criticism over the past two weeks. Most of this criticism seems to be coming from one central location. Emotionally scarred men. These emotionally wounded mammals despise this song with a passion. Marvin's Room gives these males vexatious flashbacks of unfaithful lovers from their past. I know big words too.

Marvin's Room is exactly what women say they want from men: HONESTY - The melody of the song is dope. The concept is absolutely brilliant. Every man thinks about his former lovers. That's a natural male instinct. Drake put the male subconscious in song form. Pure genius.

You can call him a FUCK BOY, SIMP, DIRTY MACK or what ever term you choose. All of those terms were invented by insecure men. This Marvin's Room song has really exposed a lot of dudes. I've noticed a lot of nervous behavior every since this record dropped. She broke your heart back in the day, and this song reminds you of all the emotional anguish that you once experienced. I see what's going on here.

Only the VICTIMS hate this Marvin's Room song: If I had several unfaithful girlfriends on my resume, I would hate this song too. But what if she CAN do better tho? Women UPGRADE everyday……………b.

Drake is the most versatile rap artist alive. Don't let your hate ruin your musical experience. Socially awkward males will never understand the greatness of Drake's music, and that's perfectly fine.

Some males just aren't comfortable around females. Some males talk a good game, but you never see them with the opposite sex. These attributes are commonly found in North American Drake Haters. Gladiator Hating is your calling in life. That's your role in the food chain. Your inferiority fuels your hatred.

You lust women, Gladiators like myself bone the women that you lust. That's the fundamental difference between a Drake fan and a Drake Hater. You might not like Aubrey's goofy demeanor, but his talent is undeniable. That boy makes refreshing music. You don't consistently make hit records if you're not ultra creative.

I've also heard numerous people call Drake soft. This label also makes me chuckle, because ironically, most of the people who call Drake "soft" are actually "soft" themselves.

Are you a thug? Are you Big Meech? Larry Hoover? Whippin work? Hallelujah? NO?

Why does Drake NEED to be hardcore?

If Drake started rapping more hardcore, would that appease you?

If Drake started rapping about selling dope, candy paint jobs, subwoofers & shooting ****** in broad daylight, would he get your stamp of approval?

If you hate Drake's music so much, then why in the Carolina blue fuck do you continue to listen to it?

I couldn't tell you one lyric from a Waka Flocka song. You wanna know why?


You don't hate Drake. You don't even hate Drake's music. You hate the fact that you're an ODD-BALL. You'll always view life from OUTSIDE of the Bubble. This Drake Hate is deeper than rap.

Nothing you SAY, THINK or TWEET is ever gonna stop Drake's greatness.

Let Aubrey FLOURISH!!!!

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"Drake doesn’t create these melodic masterpieces for you over-analytical nerds that masturbate in the shower 37 times a week. He doesn’t need validation from the Geek Squad."

basically,drake doesnt make music for kanyetothe.

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brain dead said:
im socially awkward.
im a big fan most of the time.
And Drake is socially awkward. lol....He's a bit goofy.  I think it's more like men afraid of honesty hate on Drake.  He makes some uncomfortable by exposing what they don't want revealed or something lol
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