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The Migration and Transition to KanyeToThe.com

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Well, someone said I should come over here :fap: Voila, I came.

And with some new beats that I whipped up just a few minutes ago to commemorate the special occasion.

The Migration - http://usershare.net/yohap5g5jiqp

Transition - http://usershare.net/065822k2esrc

~And now we wait to see if making a topic over here was a good idea...

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I guess it wasn't a good or bad idea.... lol... Just the same ol'...

Thanks for the feedback, you guys. I do it for the few people who listen.
These were done in a spur of the moment... so I didn't really put that much into them... One fast beat, one slow beat...
You already know I'm a fan ... well I hope so anyways.
I do... I do..

And I will when time allows me Jordan... I will..
me and drew got something in the oven
when you hear it you'll shit bricks
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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