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We all know Kanye’s sentiments towards the media and his refusal to partake in anything related to it, instead choosing to shy away from the notion entirely.

I agree that the media has treated him, for the most part, rather harshly throughout his career.  More-so since the “Swift-gate” fiasco that made him America’s most loathed artist.  Not to mention the fact that media personnel are seemingly and unduly still fixated on events that occurred years ago (see Matt Lauer interview bringing up the Bush incident)…I mean seriously, let’s get over that and move on from it.  Can we?

Now, I don’t have a problem with Kanye opting to abandon the sense of duties that come with stardom; in this instance, the media of course.  How can one blame him, right?  It seems like he has been sort of a bullseye –an easy target at that—for opportunistic media outlets looking to crucify the famous celebrity known for being outspoken and brash. 

What I do have a problem with is the fact Kanye’s “solution” to stop the lynching mentality of the critics is hardly a solution at all.  It doesn’t even seem like a temporary fix.  What makes it worse is that although he refuses TO TALK to the media, he ironically doesn’t stop talking about the media – allowing them the opportunity to condemn him anyway.  Look no further than his recent performance at The Big Chill festival where he went on a very typical Kanye-like rant, taking shots at his detractors and bringing up the very issues he wants them to forget about.  The gossip posse had a field day with that, didn’t they (easily taking out of context the real message he might have been trying to convey)? 

It’s Kanye being Kanye and the likes of us that have been following him since the beginning of his career are used to it and accept it – maybe even admire him for being unafraid to speak from the heart (back to this later).  It’s one of his best and admirable qualities, and probably his biggest weakness for the business he’s in. 

Ah yes, the business he’s in…the lifestyle he lives…he is a famous hip hop/pop star that is constantly in the public eye.  His refusal to do media doesn’t do much of anything because he will always be –unless he unlikely disappears and goes into hiding—a recognizable figure.  Anything he says and/or does will be scrutinized, probably unfairly, by the very people he’s trying to evade – interviews/press or not.  He isn’t, after all, the only artist to be targeted by the media –many have it or have had it worse in the past.

What sort of disappoints me is the fact that this whole boycott mentality he’s taken on contradicts the attitude of the “speak from the heart” Ye.  Instead making it seem like this is not the genuine, real Kanye we are used to, but rather a timid, superficial shell of his former self – a Kanye with half a heart.  I realize that the music speaks for itself, and the fact that he is on pace to sell another hit record with virtually no promotion and media coverage is astounding.  I am not saying that I want him to be loved by all, nor do I care about that, but it saddens me that the media has dictated a change in his personality and maybe his ideologies.  Perhaps this entire situation is regrettably, a “catch 22”:  He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.  However, I kind of hope he decides to find his voice again, without censors or apprehensions.  Some people are meant to be misunderstood because they have so much to say.

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