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Here's the deal. When listening to the album, I noticed two distinctly different halves.. Theres the gospel half with songs like ULB and Lowlights, and then there is the kinda an evolution of Yeezus half, with Wolves, Feedback, etc.
My biggest complaint is that the album feels inconsistent in its sound and kinda jumbled, along with being too long. It didn't know which sound it wanted to be (WHICH/ONE?)
So I sought to make this playlist so that it would ease my feelings of jumbliness and being too long
Normally Im really against reordering albums, but I feel like this helps it as an overall project

Ultralight Beam
Father Stretch My Hands Pt 1
Low Lights
Real Friends
No More Parties
30 Hours

I Love Kanye (Intermission)
Pt 2
Freestyle 4

Why this Works:
No real reasons, I just think it does. You might like it how it actually is, you might like the album more like this. I don't know, I just wanted to share what I've found I like more when listening to it as a project all the way through.
Ive thought about changing Disc One to Disc 2, and ending the evolved Yeezus Half with I Love Kanye, but ULB is too good of an opener. :allears:
Enjoy, and you're more than welcome to suggest changes
but i aint adding waves fuck chris brown


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My current playlist (tossed on All Day, Only One, 45secs, POYG, since they were originally part of this project, and most still aren't on an album). Most of the album stays in order. It flows very well imo.

1. Ultralight Beam
2. FSMH 1
3. FSMH 2
4. Famous
5. Feedback
7. Facts (Heat Version) -- Sounds pretty good right after All Day
8. Low Lights
9. Highlights
10. *Piss On Your Grave --- Rumored to be on SHMG/Swish, whatever, I like it.
11. Freestyle 4
12. I Love Kanye
13. Fade (Sounds GREAT after I love Kanye, and sounds great into Waves)
14. Waves
15. *Only One (sounds pretty good here I think)
16. 30 Hours
17. No More Parties in LA
18. *Four Five Seconds
19. FML
20. Real Friends
21. Wolves
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