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This is my perception of a timeline of Kanye albums.

Late registration: Kanye registers late to college. During his time there, he goes through hardships like his grandmother going through a near death experience, having a relationship where his girlfriend is all about his money, and trying to teach lessons

Graduation: Kanye graduates his first year through college. He talks about how he got richer but also went through problems. He talks about many girls and how much college has affected his life. It’s kind of a stretch, I know, but it makes sense as we go on.

808’s and heartbreak: Kanye goes through the ultimate heartbreak. His mother dies, sending him through a deep depression, and this causes his girlfriend to leave him, causing even worse hole in his heart. He tries to make himself feel better, only to be put back in the same position

The college dropout: After all of his heartbreak, he drops out of college. He then deals with people not believing in his success. He goes through a car crash and goes through the hardships of everything. But he ideally comes out on top, trying to survive it all.

My beautiful dark twisted fantasy: After no one believed in him, he shows them he can actually get rich and famous and make his masterpiece. He was able to out do himself and defy all expectations. It was his magnum opus.

yezzus: with his new powers as a rich person, he tries to tackle issues but is denied. He goes over what’s happened in his life, and what happened to his mental state.

the life of Pablo: He talks about his ideal life story. Trying to be successful at a time where people doubted him. He wanted to be his own Pablo

ye: Kanye talks about his bi polar disorder, he also shows how sick of it he is. He wants to be free from his cycle of depression and anger activities

jesus is king: Kanye finally finds his peace and soul in Christ. He finds what he should do in Christ’s eyes and becomes his perfect self, distancing himself from his life problems and finally being able to escape his reality.

and that was the Kanye timeline. Tell me how you should think it would go.
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