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1. do you think their gonna completely change it, from the last years one? i fucking love the one we have/
2. she in her birthday suit, cause of the damn cake. now theres crumbs all over the damn place, and she want me to cum all over her damn face.

Kanye goes hard on that shit.
Jay-Z goes hard on that shit.
(reminds me of American Gangster so much.)

favourite line?

"i never understood planned parenthood,
cause i never met nobody planned to be a parent in a hood."

personally, looking forward to the Neptunes track.

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Kebert Xela said:
I said a little bit better, I ain't saying that line isn't dope cause it is.

Probably tied with Christmas in Harlem and Gorgeous with Kanyes most recent lyrical songs.

CiH is dope as hell,
:cmon: Christmas in Harlem? ">_> GET OUUUT" lol
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