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Originally this was gonna be an album, but I cut it down to an EP. This EP will have 5 tracks 3 original by me 1 using someone else's beat, and one just a sped up version of another track. (sorry Jay I kept trying to work with the beat, but I couldn't do it justice.) I actually got everything planned out (Lyrics, beats and promotional art done), I just need to record, and start promoting this.

Since I don't want to start releasing things yet I'll tell you why I really need everyone's help. I want to get this EP in the hands of this girl. I met her in NYC, and she was super cool. We exchanged numbers, but I had to leave for the airport right after that. Before you're all like "dude that's mad creepy" I'm just gonna say she really left an impression on me. I don't expect to ever see her again, but I thought it would be cool if somehow she caught wind of it and heard it. So if you're in the North East United States (mostly the New England area [I think she lived in Connecticut]) it would be cool if you got the word out in your area when this is released.

Thanks - Evan (RelaxRelapse / The Hype Scene)
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