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The History Of The Sports Crew
A Short Biography.

Prior to the release of Kanye West's 808's and Heartbreak, the Sports Section was a sad and lonely place. LEO was in charge of NFL Week threads and most threads hardly got any activity at all due to lameness. I personally don't know a whole lot about the beginnings of the Sports Crew but due to the testimonies of LEO and the visual evidence if you click on the last page of the Sports Section on KLive, it wasn't hype at all.

Nobody celebrated the Steelers winning the Super Bowl that year.

OG Sports Section: LEO, Huey, Art, lakeshow, JP Diaz, ishaq, Cav, ye23, GMC, ..., BobbyJames

The 2009 season was the beginning of "The Sports Crew". People were coming in and things became more organized. Some of the older members dropped off and the new members you see today came in. Cav was banned sometime before the 2009 season, ishaq began posting less, Huey was banned, ... and JP started posting less, and Art and LEO became the foundations for the Sports Section.

The term "Sports Crew" was actually coined by Tito Maas who had, by then, become affiliated enough with the Sports Section to call it his home and had used it to reference the Sports Section members as a whole. The OG Sports Section isn't necessarily the OG Sports Crew, because the term "Sports Crew" was developed long sometime during the early parts of the 2009 season. The 2009 Edition of the Sports Crew is the core of the Sports Crew we see today.

Notable Members during this period (preseason 2009): Tito Maas, micool, Robinhood, Chicago, Ralph, ALEXANDER, iGotToShine, wizdom28, Getty, 5th Element, Cudi_the_Fiasco, ye23, ye24, bigblack11

There were no official inductions for the Sports Crew in 2009. This is why I say that there doesn't really have to be an official induction to be part of the Sports Crew. YES! The original Sports Crew was formed simply because of affiliation and mutual respect between members.

More members came into the Sports Section after the season began. The Sports Crew became official when Art and Tito came up with the official DeSean Jackson's Road To The Super Bowl Challenge!, which was a competition between the (at the time unofficial) Sports Crew to see whose team would reach the Super Bowl. bigblack11 obviously won this prize. But this is also why there are now awards and accolades for the Sports Crew. By the end of the 2009 season, people have come and gone (most notably ALEXANDER and Chicago by the end of the season) and the official roster for the now official Sports Crew were set.

This third version of the Sports Crew featured the Forever_King "winning streak" threads, the Tito Appreciation threads, wizdom's Play of the Week threads, and the infamous Sports Blog. Notable rivalries included Forever_King v. Cav, Tito v. Cav and Robinhood, Tito v. Cudi_the_Fiasco, Art v. Cav and Art v. LEO

By the end of the 2009 season, ishaq, Huey, Logic, Chicago, ALEXANDER, Robinhood, ye23, and ye24 had become the first members to ever officially be dropped from the Sports Crew. Also, Cav became the most hated member of the Sports Crew.

Notable Members during this period (during the 2009 season): getty, 8th Wonder, Homeboy, Forever_King, A Touche Lupe, getupigetdown

You have to remember that the Sports Crew is a bond between these members of the Sports Section, and that's why it's so hard to "get in". Not that we stepped aside and said "hey let's make it a prerequisite to make it hard as fuck to get in the Sports Crew", that's just how it happened. It's hard to make close friends on this site and I think everyone in the Sports Crew can say that everyone else in the Sports Crew are their closest "friends" on the site. Yes, there are groups within the groups but for the most part, we can all agree that we love each other. No ****.

But the Sports Crew was a new official concept, so the first thing the new guys wanted to do was get in. The beginning of the 2010 offseason marked the very first official Sports Crew Inductions. It was fairly easy to get into the Sports Crew during this time, and only three votes were needed from the Sports Crew to get people in.

Notable Members during this period (the beginning of the 2009-2010 offseason): AkASEA, Natee

The 2009-2010 offseason marked the creation of the NBA and Soccer crews. Tito once again coined a phrase--the "NBA Crew"--which caused micool (who, by now, was a mod, along with 8th Wonder) to seperate Crews within the "Sports Crew" (which used to be NFL-only, despite the name). There was now an NBA Crew and a Soccer Crew. Although these crews are less popular and significant than the NFL Crew, it provided a place for other members of the site to be part of a crew, so if they didn't focus completely on NFL or something, they could still be in the NBA Crew if the NBA is something they liked to talk about, for instance.

Keep in mind that prerequisites for the NBA and Soccer Crew are entirely different from those of the NFL Crew. In fact, they are all three separate, completely distinct Crews, rarely even grouped together mentally or verbally. Being in the NFL Crew doesn't make you part of the Soccer or NBA Crew, and being part of the NBA Crew doesn't make you part of the NFL or Soccer Crew.

The fourth edition of the NFL Crew was the most disappointing, and many people were dropped from the Crew (I actually don't even remember who all was dropped, but there were a lot of people, most notably 5th Element and Natee/The Majestik). It actually caused some tension and frustration between the already-established members. Therefore, the requirements to get in the Crew were raised even higher, and the regularity among posters was increased exponentially. The 5th Edition of the NFL Crew featured "tryouts" for the first time, which included members like Mike Deeezy, sean...anderson, qtip111, Niiick, Mulisha44, and a couple of others. While these members may have been inducted after a month and a half or so during the fourth edition of the NFL Crew, these members had to prove themselves more, by showing they were intelligent, willing to be consistent with posts, and not be Cav-like.

That led to the official inductions for the fifth edition of the NFL Crew, which began immediately after the preseason ended (which is clearly the longest time span in between official and/or unofficial Crew inductions).

Notable rivalies during this time: Tito v. Art, Tito v. bigblack11, FK v. Cav, AkA v. micool. JP v. LEO

Notable Members during this period (2010 Preseason): Mulisha44, Nick, Mike Deeezy

The 2010-2011 season started off cleanly again with the new brewing rivalries. The Patriots fans and the Jets fans squared off against each other constantly, including a pivotal game early on in the season which begun a new era for Art: a phase similar to Tito's towards the end of KanyeLive! in which he went by many different usernames (Beginning with TheSlouch81). The early part of the season saw the end of KanyeLive! and the creation of a new site, KanyeToThe, where the NFL Crew picked up without skipping a beat (and LEO followed in Art's footsteps, never returning to the name "LEO" and opting for "august4th", "The Harmonica", and "Herby" among other names to go by, to the dismay of fellow Sports Crew). The middle of the season saw HA5TY, the Atlanta fan, being added to the Crew as part of Micool's Christmas present (page 8). Later in the year, the Crew would have another "rush" induction when Jigg replaced the long-absent getty and surgical702 would replace GMC as the Cowboys rep some time later. The Sports Crew also saw the first edition of the official Sports Crew Awards which was hosted by the new and (at the time) relatively low-rated Nick and Tito Maas, with votes counted by Micool as well as the popular Sports Crew Roll Call Thread (to be continued...?). The DeSean Jackson's Road To The Super Bowl awards were rushed and were nowhere near as successful as the previous installments but that was overshadowed by iGotToShine taking over duties for the NFL Week Thread due to Art's multiple and random absences throughout the season. The NFL Crew also saw it's first "memes" with Tito's Vickadelphia Remixes and AkA'S SEAFENSE, Clipboard Jesus and #SeahawksDestiny.

The Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl that year which meant only good news for now-Packers-rep Mike Deeezy, but as the Packers fans were notably missing throughout the season, the celebrations were short-lived.

Synopsis, FudgeSupreme, and Kay-Z were the newest prospects for the next edition of the Sports Crew which was solidified by a Sports Crew Vote* while the "Sports Crew Associates" became an official sub-category of the NFL Crew. However, the Crew decided to begin inductions after the offseason.

The NFL Crew took a turn in direction, specifically the NFL Offseason Thread when the NFL Lockout came to pass. Seeing as how there was no football at all to speak of, the NFL Offseason Thread became the most official Sports Crew thread that has ever existed, where surprisingly, NFL football became the butt of jokes and the last topic of discussion. The thread became one of the most miscellaneous and random threads--probably the most--on KTT. This thread helped bring the Crew even closer together, and since there was no football, most of the Crew decided to turn their attention to the NBA where LeBron James would begin his first year as the Miami Heat, and the Sports Section as a whole sunk like the Titanic in quality as the entirety of the NBA season became uncontrolled bickering between Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, and Cleveland Cavaliers fans. The situation became so hectic at times, especially towards the end of the season, that the NFL Offseason Thread became less of a random thread and more of a refugee thread for the Crew, who became overwhelmed by the madness. Due to the NBA season, four people were given mod powers over the Sports Section: Cudi_the_Fiasco, Lake, Tito, and former Sports Crew member GMC.

In addition to this, the NFL Crew threw away all relation to the NBA and Soccer Crews, reclaiming and re-owning the name "Sports Crew", as it was originally dubbed.

Multiple members of the Crew have crossed the 10,000 post mark during this time, including BobbyJames, Jigg, Lake (for the second time), and more. Tito passed the 40,000, 50,000, and 60,000 post marks during this time.

No inductions had been made since the rush induction for surgical, and no official inductions have been held since the inductions of Deeezy, Mulisha, and Nick. Natee and getty were dropped from the Crew.

Notable rivalries during this period: Tito v. Art, Art v. 8th Wonder, Tito v. bigblack11, Shine v. HA5TY, Shine v. Cav, Jigg v. Kay-Z, Natee v. Sports Crew

Notable members during this period (Late 2010 to Summer 2011): Synopsis**, Fudge**, Kay-Z**, Escobar**

* = possibly rigged.
** = this person is not the Crew at the time of the thread's update.

Dictated. Not read.
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