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The Growing Taller Thread

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So I'm 17, 5'9, have been fairly short most of my life, but I come from a very tall family. My dad's 6 feet tall, and all the guys from my moms side (like all my cousins) are all 6 feet tall plus. A few of my cousins hit like random growth spurts when they were 17-20, and I'm just wondering what the chances are that will happen to me? I come from a dutch background on both sides and dutch people always hit growth spurts later in their life, it's just I haven't yet and wonder if I'm just naturally short or what. I kind of grew wider before I grew taller, I mean I work out and what not and am like 170 pounds and 5'9, but I'd just like to hit like 5'11 - 6ft ish. Anyone have weird experiences with growing taller?
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I'm just like you (except for being dutch) I hope I grow taller tho :cryfam:
done growing.

been done since the 8th grade tbh
Both my mom (5'5)and dad (5'9) are short, so when I was little everyone assumed I would be short as well. Then when I was 6, my doctor told me I would be at least 6'0. Here I am 18 and I am 6'0. It's funny because everyone on my dads side except my brother and one cousin are short, I'm pretty much taller than everyone.
My mom is 5'0 and my dad is 6'4. I am about 5'9 - 5'10.. I want to be 6'0 so bad :cryfam:
I went from 5'8 to 6'1 around that age. I'm currently 6'3.
probably only going to grow a couple of inches but you never know its all genetics
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