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The event horizon, where no light can escape
Meet your fate degenerates don’t regenerate
Orbs fade into star dust and be hard to trust
Illuminate the crust collapse and combust
Supernova start lighting the celestial
Guiding the vessel exploration successful
Clear the sphere and one shall appear
Out the atmosphere and to a new frontier

Musics the movement to amusement
Words translucent lit up and fluent
Strings to the theory one don’t appear to see
Where mirrors be altering realities
As gamma rays light up and set ablaze
Information relays phase to a malaise
Rings around Saturn to Jupiters cavern
Sheep in a field following simulated patterns

As black holes patrol, grab and control
Dead sea scrolls don’t make it thru worm holes
The rosetta stone explains the unknown
While hostile zones will have astroids thrown
Craters to mankind a land before time
Unconscious mind to that thats behind
An existence thats fragile quick to unravel
As days travel its with reality we tackle
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