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The "Go To Sleep" KanyeToThe Remix

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Anyone still up for it?
Would be a terrible waste of time and effort not to simply just mix and master it...


Here's a much better take of my vocals.

Further updates:

Bust_B(yar)_FNF said:
ok guys I know CT and Coldplay are doing a remix but I was just wondering what for? Are they actually going to take shots at atlantic? or are they just doing this for fun?

anyway after hearing CT's verse (mad props for having the balls to do it) I wan't to put in a verse talking about this Lasers petition, the holdback and how they've been screwing with us fans from the start.... idk maybe it'll create buzz or it'll just suck so bad we can do it for laughs... but I'm writing 3 verses and i'll keep you guys updated with this thread... It'll be fun and give me something to do.. (i'm not a good rapper but I'm not CT :p )

if you guys want to donate a line or 2 that rhymes hating on atlantic and i'll add in the song where it fits... but i'm starting the song tomorrow while i'm at work... My manager is off for the next 2 days so i'll be on all tomorrow if not @Bust_Bar_FNF (twitter)

Mad props guys:
CoolAsCoolJoe said:
Okay explanation:

Since I'm mixing this half way through my verse it's gonna drop and it'll pick up again more hyped up and fast, not too different from what happens in Power Remix (no biting just comparing). This is the first half of the verse and the talk before the mixed beat kicks in:

With Beat:


Remember this is just a snippet of my whole verse. Unedited ,untouched, raw.
RelaxRelapse said:
Sorry.. finished the hook like a week ago, but kept forgetting to post it.. Not sure if I'm as happy as I could be on it after giving it another listen but :dno:

JAYC, Fenix, and Bust-a-Nut Bar, we await you.
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I THINK SO TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, when we killin' this hoe, yo? :work:
R.o.B said:
What a gereat idea! :h5:
Friday?  :-\
R.o.B said:
And you guys will most likely be preoccupied with lending that support in various ways possible, and I'll be heading back to the hometown...


Ughh, more delays.  :p
RelaxRelapse said:
Fiasco Friday Tomorrow..
Thanks, JAY!!! Much appreciated, my fellow LASER.  :)
You PM R.o.B. or CoolasCoolJoe?
JaYC said:
LAAAAYYYZZZUUUUHHHSSS (the way lu said it at the end of BMF lol)
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