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His performance style has gone through a change over the past few years since his inception in the industry. In the beginning, specifically during the SFG/TML eras, he was known for his distinctive hand waving. These days he doesn't do much of that anymore. He seems more confident and has acquired a more energetic style on stage. Overall, he's become a better performer.



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Vietbrah said:
He also doesn't look to ground as much as the SFG/TML era. Makes lots of eye contact now instead.
He even talked about it & made that ledge on WYLAT where there's "no bad seat"
ishutyomouf said:
So true, glad im not the only one who notices the change in his stage presence
From OVOFest last year & this Summer Jam I've noticed it got so much better from his singing to his breath control
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