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Ever since hearing TLOP i knew that there was a cohesive story somewhere in there, but for various reasons I think the tracklisting gets in the way of its own message. I put one together that has really smooth transitions, tells a story, and brings back the Acts as were originally intended.

The story seems to be about paranoia/schizophrenia. Kanye can't distinguish between the positive and negatives influences in his life, or even what version of himself is best. TLOP is the story of Kanye adjusting to family life and recognizing the people that matter to him :rejoice:

Act 1

Famous is an amazing opener as it actually mimics Dark Fantasy - Ri is introducing the story like Nicki did, and is speaking to Ye like an apparition from the perspective of a "normal life" ("I know it might be hard to love me") Then the dope ass beat drops, and that graphic first line shows us the cartoonishly egoistic character of Ye.

FSMH part 1 and 2 I think is meant to show us the different sides of ye - the family side waking up to his beautiful wife, and the nightlife side fuckin hoes.

Interlude 1

"I Love Kanye" directly after is important because I think its supposed to be Ye talking to himself shizophrenically about the difference between who people think he is/want him to be and who he actually sees himself as. "i miss the old kanye" (alluding to part 1) "i hate the new kanye" (alluding to part 2)

Act 2

Feedback - I think this song is about paranoia, and how he thinks people that actually want the best for him are trying to use him "make me do something, nah cant make me" "out of my mind a long time" (he is reluctant to trust the feedback of people around him)

Low/High Lights - this song is about the way people see Kim/Ye's life in the limelight. Its not a real representation of what their life is actually like, hence the outrageous gopro, equinox lines and "we only makin the highlights"

Fade - Outside of the public eye ("aint nobody watching, I just fade away"), behind closed doors, Ye is faced with his own sins - the song takes place in a nightclub - i.e. the dancing vibe - and Ye finds the woman who's going to cause his infidelity

Interlude 2

Freestyle 4 - Ye commits his act of infidelity (also transition from this into FML sounds dope)

Act 3

FML - ye fucked his life up and is regretting it "im willing to make this mission, give up the women, before i lose half of what i own")

Real Friends - ye is recognizing that his path to salvation is focusing on his family/loved ones

Wolves ft. Frank Ocean, Vic Mensa, and Sia - The story of Icarus - he flew too high, and his wings - the people that helped get him to the heights hes at now - melted away. ye is now aware of the wolves that surround him and who he needs to protect.

ULB - Somebody else mentioned this - but it seems like ULB was put first because it made a better opener for the MSG show - in the album it works better as a GOAT closer - as was originally intended. This is the victory lap - closing out the album with a song about Ye's Redemption. "This is a God Dream"

Since listening to it through in this order, this has become a top 3 ye album for me. Give it a shot lemme know what you think!

Edit: artwork is George Condo - Geo (designer for Donda posted it a couple days ago so we might see this pop up soon).

Works really well for this story - family ye vs. nightlife ye


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