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Just a place to tell short and enjoyable stories from whenever. It could be something that happened in your early childhood or something that happened yesterday. :)

About 4 years ago, I went on a mission trip. It was stressed that everybody has a story in life; including people we would normally shy away from. In this case, it was the homeless. On the last day we had this huge feast in a park. I was playing frisbee with people I had met during the trip, but had bad aim and hit this man leaning against a tree in the head. I went over an apologized profoundly and he shrugged it off and smiled. It was evident that he was homeless. When our feast was winding down, I took some extra food over to the man. He graciously accepted.

Later I found out that many other people had offered him things that night, and he refused it all; including money. I was the only person he had accepted anything from and it felt good knowing I might of made a stranger's day just a little bit better.
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