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So I've been reading this thread for a long time : http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/index.php?topic=38150.0 (thank you so much Aldor for this :yay: here is his blog the best way to start the day tbh http://inspirationfix.wordpress.com)
It has been really helpful but my major problem is that when I have to achieve something I don't keep up till the end, I usually quit... wether it's getting better at drawing, erasing a bad habit, taking a run once a week... I never go further than one or two months.. :-\

So I had the idea that it would be cool to have place where we can set up goals and actually achieve them !
Here's the deal : if you have project, just tell what it is :oblivious: how long it will take to achieve, and try to keep posting on this thread ;)
I think it's way easier to achieve something when you tell people around you and when there is people who want the same : getting better and better + accomplish something !

My goal is : Getting 12/20 for my sophomore year of law. I've totally wasted my time and severly fucked up during the first semester and the 2nd isn't looking good...
So I had 6.8/20 at the first semester... Now how am I gonna reach that goal ? I highly doubt that I'll have 13.2 at the 2nd semester, so I'm pretty sure I'll have to take the 2nd session, and all I have to do is work like crazy in order to have amazing grades at the 2nd session and to reach 12/20. This goal will end in late June !

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Didn't notice this thread back in the day, been very busy hence why I haven't updated the blog for quite a while either. Glad you liked it though and I'll be updating the thread when I can. Just spend 2 weeks in india so haven't updated it in some time either.

How are your studies going anyways? Give us an update :).

My goal right now is to find a goal :D, just fulfilled my previous goals which were finishing my thesis, finding a decent girlfriend and going to India so in a bit of a "in between" stage at the moment.

Anyways, bump to make sure you stick to your commitment (this thread). Sorry! ;)
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