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The Buddhist Thread

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[click buddha and be amazed by dopeness. :robo:]

Buddhism is more Philosophy than Religion, imo.
The story of Siddhartha Gautama is very inspirational, I recommend you pick up a book from a local library, store, etc. or watch a documentary on his life.
Im not an expert on Buddhism, just so we're clear.
Talk and Learn from one another.

Sacred Texts of Buddhism to study if interested:

Buddhist Forum I Recommend [has great stuff for beginners, info on buddhism, meditation, etc.]:

Buddism IS NOT about worshipping Siddhartha Gautama, although paying respects to his life and what he accomplished is nice..lol.
Although it may be frowned upon, its not up to others what you wish to do with your life.
There are Muslims, Christians, Jews, and many different people of many different religious standings who do hold some of the core beliefs of Buddhism highly in their lives.

Table of Contents
Lesson 1: Introduction To Buddhism - Page 1
Lesson 2: The Life of Prince Siddhartha Gautama (Part 1) - Page 2
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I truly recommend.

Wake Up Mr. West said:
i wanna convert to it
Diesel said:
What I like about Buddhists is that the religion want you to enjoy live and  your not obligated to do stuff. Comparing to like
Muslim you have to do ramadan, not drink alchool etc.. and christian you have to go to church etc..
I like to be free.  :dno:
thats really why i began studying Buddhism.
neither where I live, I turned my closet into my own personal temple. :D
but you dont have to go to a church/temple/whatever to be a Buddhist though.
Educating yourself on Siddhartha's teachings and many other Buddha's teachings and embracing a lifestyle of freedom and peace is really all you need.
Its also dependent on how you feel about it, even though you may not really wish to be a really peaceful being [im peaceful but i wont hesitate to fight or anything if i feel threatened] you can always take what youve learned from Buddhism to help conquer obstacles in life.
for example:
Wake Up Mr. West said:
the thing is, there are no buddhist churches where i live
Lesson 1: Intro Into Buddhism
[Here is some music to play while you read along if you'd like:]

Buddhism is well known across the world, it is the 6th most major religion in the world [this may be wrong, if you believe so tell me i will correct it].
Buddha translates roughly to "Awakened One".
It is the path for many to enlightenment.
Many different Buddhists follow many different teachings. It is okay to feel confused and ask what something means, I myself may find myself unable to find the answer to something and ask about it.
I'll be taking these lessons at a slow pace at first to make sure there are some people interested.

Im hoping by posting brief lessons every other day I can help you find your path to enlightenment and peace in Buddhism or in Life in generals as many others have.

Some famous Buddhists [some may be wrong, im getting my info on celebrity Buddhists online so if anything ever seems wrong just tell me, this is most what this thread is for, for Buddhists and non-buddhists to help one another learn]:

Steven Seagull[lol]

Herbie Hancock:


George Lucas:

Jackie Chan:

Wesley Snipes:

Buddhism is a philosophy to some and religion to others. What you wish to call it and make it in your life is completely up to you.
Some worship Siddhartha's image, while some don't.
This thread isnt based off one particular practice of Buddhism.
The Lessons I post may not be thoroughly correct, but with your help we can all learn from this experience.
I hope to get at least 5 people interested in Buddhism tbh. lol. That'd be dope.
It may be a few days til I am able to post Lesson 2 [that is if everyone is still interested], but I promise it will be a fulfilling lesson. ill try to keep the lessons simple and easy to understand.
and although I'm not so sure this is an actual quote from Buddha, Id like to end with it, because it does kind of go with this Intro into Buddhism, imo.
I love this quote personally because it reminds me that everything takes time, whether it be growing as a musician, or learning about Buddhism,
"A jug fills drop by drop" - Siddhartha Gautama

[my next post will be about Siddhartha Gautama and his Life.
that way if you dont really feel like watching a documentary or reading a book or anything you wont have to.]
tomorrow ill give you a few.

king. said:
whats a good documentary about this

ive been wanting to learn more about this for a min seeing that im big on karma
DS said:
I've adopted many Buddhist principles into my life.

Island By Aldous Huxley will change your life I guarantee it
im deff checking this out.

and i found a buddhist temple in Charlotte, NC.  :tash:
love NC.
im thinking about going.
and i wish there were more Buddhists on KTT.. christians and atheists...but no buddhists.  :facepalm:
thanks haha.
CT said:
was expecting a joke thread
but im very pleased with this thread, very good. keep posting infos :work:
Lesson 2: The Life of Prince Siddhartha Gautama (Part 1: Siddhartha)

Im going to make this quick and convenient to avoid boredom, and since there isnt a set date when he was born and even the year isnt positively known im skipping the typical things youd see in a "The Life of [insert anyones name]" type lesson/article/whatever.

There was once a king and queen in India, the queen had a dream that an elephant offered her a lotus and then implanted itself inside of her womb, when she asked what this meant she was told her she would have a son who would be either a great conqueror or a holy man who would become enlightened.

10 months later she gave birth to a son who her and the king would name Siddhartha Gautama. She would die 7 days after giving birth. As Prince Siddhartha grew older he was surrounded by all luxuries in the King's palace, he needn't leave the palace because he was given everything he could imagine wanting. He was given 3 ponds, one which bloomed red lotuses, one which bloomed blue and another which bloomed white. When it would rain Prince Siddhartha would stay inside and enjoy music and dancing women. He only knew happiness because his father didnt want him to leave the palace, he wanted his son not to grow to be a holy man but instead be a great conqueror. Siddhartha one day left the palace and was driven by an attendant, Siddhartha seen a man who was old and asked "What is that?", the attendant replied with "That is change, people grow old."

The next time he left the palace Siddhartha encountered a sick man and asked "What is that??", he was met with the reply of "That is sickness, people get sick."

The next time he left the palace Siddhartha and the attendant encountered a corpse, Siddhartha realized death and now realized even more that the world is suffering, what he was hidden from while he grew up.

The next time he left the palace he met an Ascetic. Ascetics are people who barely eat and choose to live on the edge of life and live in poverty and meditate and torture themselves and shed themselves of material desire and all desire.

Siddhartha was married to his cousin, they had a child. One night while His wife slept with their child in her hands he looked at them in the dark. He decided to not pick up his child and hold him, for it would be too painful for him. Siddhartha left the palace on a horse to never return again.

He went to a guru who taught him meditation and yoga for many years. He then, after years of this, realized that the trances of meditation gave only a temporary escape from suffering. He left the teacher.

He became an Ascetic himself, and tortured himself only eating a grain of rice a day. After many years of this, and incredible torture, he realized that even though he had shed himself of all desire and material things, suffering still existed in him and he was still unhappy. On this particular day he realized that this isnt the way to spiritual purity either and at that instance a girl came to him and offered him a bowl of porridge, he accepted and ate it. He then was overcame with happiness from realizing the good in the heart of the girl.

He left and went and began eating again and he bathed and then he went and sat under a Bodhi tree. He decided he would not leave this sitting until he had found a solution to his issues. He sat and meditated, battling with desire and many other things, until he finally realized the correct path in life....

/end of part 1: Siddhartha.

the next part ill do tonight will be called Lesson 2 (Part 2): The Buddha.
thats the part where ill talk about what he realized through meditation.

[if you wish to learn more about Siddhartha Gautama's life i will have a list of great documentaries/books at the end of part 2 of lesson 2. :D]
k so im guessing this thread is pointless to keep up anymore?  :we:
win tbh.
Charles said:
that elephant is fucking high and you can see some ****** smoking a blunt in the back
aight i got part 2 of lesson 2 coming and lesson 3 by 12am tomorrow est time.

Wake Up Mr. West said:
enlighten me more :allears:
my bad i do alot of things during the day so i sometimes push things back.
im working on it RIGHT NOWWW.
king. said:
im still waiting :work:

and that post was a good read also im waiting on part 2
Lesso[glow=red,2,300]n 2: The Life of Prince Siddhartha Gautama (Part II: The Enlightening and Buddha)[/glow]

Ill fix coloring tomorrow im pretty yea.

Anyways sup guys?

This is part TWO2 of The Life of Siddhartha Gautama.....The Buddha.

[Bill Cosby edition]

Last Time On Buddha you were told about how Siddhartha Gautama was prince of a land called India, a small part of it that is. He would grow up to be a king. or a holy man. his mother was visited in a dream you see, and she was visited by a Elephant. and this Elephant, see, he touched her side. Gave her a lotus flower, and told her shed have a kid.

She asked what it meant, she was told SHE WOULD HAVE A KID WHO WOULD BE A HOLY MAN OR KING. :epic:
he grew up, left pleasure, wife and kid, became homeless tortured hmself, then found pure happiness when he was met with kindness. he went and meditated and battled his demons. rageeeee. lololol. nah but forreal...


Siddhartha walked to a bodhi tree and battled and was met with the power of enlightment.
He was given this enlightenment to teach others and did just that.
as he walked along the other aescetics saw him eating and then mocked him saying "Oh Siddhartha is cooler than us, psh, whatever, dudes over here eating all the food. was a pathetic nerd yo"

Siddhartha is now Buddha btw, but Buddha's all like "yo...i understand that which you speak of. But forreal i got the power like Kanye. :kanyeshrug: its like that."

the Ascetics left him laughing saying "so gay [douchebags are like that tbh, they call everything gay.]"
and so Buddha went to a park and saw Ascetics and was like "Yo come with me and listen to this story and enlightment"
So the buddha told and gave the FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS. FOUR NOBLE TRUTH GUYS, Pay attention:

1. Life means Suffering.
Life is suffering. Its pain. Its the feeling of depression, hurt, sickness, illness, bs, all of that. tyranny. Its because humans and life are so imperfect. Its messed up. Its a bad tbh.
"and just as happy moments pass by, we ourselves and our loved ones will pass away one day, too."

2. The origin of Suffering is attachment.
Pain is caused by the loss of things typically. Fame, love, money, whatever it may be. We strive for money, people, fame, popularity, to look like something, etc. we NEED these things it seems. then we lose it.
"What we call "self" is just an imagined entity, and we are merely a part of the ceaseless becoming of the universe."

3. The cessation of suffering is attainable.
Lose it. Lose desire. Destroy it.
"Attaining and perfecting dispassion is a process of many levels that ultimately results in the state of Nirvana. Nirvana means freedom from all worries, troubles, complexes, fabrications and ideas. Nirvana is not comprehensible for those who have not attained it."

4.The path to the Cessation of suffering
There is a path to the end of suffering - a gradual path of self-improvement, which is described more detailed in the Eightfold Path. which i will now speak on:

And this is also where I will have to break you. I myself am a very very very lazy and careless person. I just wanna chill with people, party maybe, just like no work, etc.
and i dont read unless its a dope read.
so force yourself today to read this, it is the eight-fold path to Nirvana.
and ill always keep making lessons teaching stuff, and if you ever have questions on life or ANYTHIGN AT ALL you can PM me, our convo's are confidential. forreal.



The Buddha (2010) [its a great film, its on time warner cable (TWC) on demand for $3.99]
BBC's Buddha documentary [great, classic]

pretty much all i can think of as far as good and intelligible and understandable goes. i could be wrong. :kanyeshrug:

the next lessons will be just that; lessons.
but not boring. promised. will keep them dope and short.
its posted good sir. right above you. :D
king. said:
its cool just making sure u didnt forget :D
oh yea sorry dude its been on my mind ive just had alot of ish going on lately. ill get it up sometime. ill pm you when its up.
king. said:
so wheres the next part?
lol Buddha taught not to compete with anyone but yourself, i ignore everyone else. :dno:
Wake Up Mr. West said:
third page woooooooohoooooooo :banana:
take it in stride. just use what you learn from Buddha to overcome obstacles. :p
ill post another lesson soon. i havent forgotten about this thread at all. im just having difficulties juggling school, music, and tryin to get money.
Wake Up Mr. West said:
i need to take this seriously, i always tell myself i want to but never do
definitely, even if you arent into buddhism or anything, meditation should be practiced.
DS said:
Honestly, everyone should meditate. We need to not only explore the self, but the self other as well.
you do coke?  :joe:
Wake Up Mr. West said:
i wanna meditate but i'm too anxious to do that

i tried several times and i can never keep focused and figiting and whenever i try to concentrate something will always pop in my mind.
and this is completely true^
just stop being.... :dno:
DS said:
Meditating is about breaking away from the bondage of the ego (as well as other things) which is achieved by releasing oneself from human articulation (as well as other things).

Focus on your breathing, that's what helped me when i started to meditate.
you smoke?
like forreal.
Wake Up Mr. West said:
hahah looooooooooooooob
but really i have a problem staying still. i mean i could do it for a few minutes but i figit a lot iunoo
it's hard for me to stay focus on a certain task like that.
i guess i'll practice that more :dno:
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