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The artist that creates a legacy of their own, is a powerful artist!

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Hunned Kay is more than a rapper and producer. He became one of the 2022 newest top music marketers and Instagram influencers with over 12.5 Million+ people reached and over 52k followers. Hunned Kay enjoys sharing his favorite content just as much as his latest music releases with his growing audience, and continues to garner hundreds of thousands of views and comments daily.

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Allow yourself to get familiar with the rising southern Hip-hop artist, influencer, and marketer, known as Hunned Kay. From his writing and producing rap music since the early 2000s to his managing to have one of the most inspirational come-up stories of this era in Hip-Hop. Said to be the "Inspirational Hustling Entrepreneur" by Jonny Keith, host of Actors 2020 Podcast. Achieving various moments of recognition for his musical contributions and the creative value that he has added to the Hip-hop culture with his story of how he went from "In the streets, to industry and made a name for himself with no help from labels or investors like we see from many other rappers. From his connections to prominent names in the southern rap scene such as Zaytoven, Young Dro, and Lil Corey a.k.a Bando Jones, to Nick Cannon, & Sy Ari The Kid, to Slip N Slide DJs like TankHead Wreckin. in 2014 Hunned Kay was being Managed by Carlos "Los Vegas" Thorton of East Point Entertainment, while undergoing a record deal with Platinum Door Entertainment CEO Courtney Platz that he later turned down and decided to remain independent.

With the release of the 2016 debut E.P. 'Jungle', Hunned Kay moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. This drive and determination to make his way into the music industry began Landing him various roles in national tv shows such as LHHH (Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood), Judge Faith, or historical moments like when he became the first African American rapper to appear on the Finnish sitcom Ismo. With a pretty reputable career in acting, Hunned Kay started Landing himself even bigger roles like starring as a drug dealer in nominated films like FATE or his role of 'Ace' in the 2020 drama series "The City".
Hunned Kay shows signs of a Legacy that definitely deserves recognition.

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