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Technically Have Opportunity to Inverview Funkmaster Flex Today

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u guys prob think im trolling but actually funkmaster flex's day office is literally right down the street in the center of the town i live in... never really saw him tbh but have bumped into him in his car a couple times when he was driving into the city and stuff... tbh i didnt even know much about him or even know wat he looked like until recently... was always an occasional listener of hot 97 and knew his name, but never had the motivation to "visit" him until the recent WTT rumors... so should i go and talk to him/interview him even though i obviously dont have a meeting appointment scheduled?? do u thik i would be able to get to him in such short notice?? wat should i ask him??
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not gonna happen man. im sure theres hundreds of kids who have tried to get in there to give him their music or whatever. they probably have security or something in the building. i wouldnt even try tbh
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