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Take One for the Team would've been a great closer for MBDTF

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I mean, not saying Lost in the World isn't awesome or anything, but Take One for the Team strikes me as a pretty good summation of everything about Kanye right now, and I can definitely see it working well as a final statement on an album that seems to be all about where Kanye's at right now. The lyrics about other people's cribs smelling like shit sound like they could be ripped straight from his twitter, and all of the Good Music shout outs really capture the collaborative spirit he's been showing lately. Plus it's just a really great ending number, I would've loved to see it as a hidden track after LitW. Imagine how cool it would've been to hear that beatboxing kick in after a minute or two of silence after that speech ends. Whatever though, I realize it's not a lot of people's favorite Good Friday track; just thought I'd show it some love.
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Take on for the Team as the Outro Song

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