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Take One For The Team Feat. Keri Hilson, Pusha T, & Cyhi The Prynce (G.O.O.D. Friday)

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psyched about Keri Hilson!
is twitpic bugging out for anybody else? half the time when i look at this thread it doesn't load. :dno:
SwaggerLikeYe said:
Kanye's back to using questionable photos again.
when did he stop?聽 :problem?:
UltraKid said:
Keri on a Kanye beat?...hmmm...I've been waiting for this...was I the only one who knew Keri would be doing big things after Timbaland's mediocre Shock Value album??? I haven't been paying attention to her recent work but I dug the hell out of Knock You Down and Return the favor....
tbh i ignored her even after Knock You Down but the song grew on me...a LOT.

then i saw pics of her and i was like :jo:
Nagra said:
Pusha better kill it though
oh he will...don't worry about that son :D
something to help the wait :p
ye sounded high as fuck in that and im pretty sure he would've gone for it too haha
UltraKid said:
I can see the crazy Ciara stans on RapUp.Com throwing a fit right now...their probably going to stop listening to Ye for this, lol....
man when's the last time ciara even had a hit song? she was so hyped up but then.........nothing.
hoodrataddict said:
Did Kanye delete the tweet linked to the album artwork? I don't see it...
it's still there for me :dno:
While we're waiting who's your number one? (hotness, quality of music, w/e)

Keri Hilson
DirkDiggler said:
this looks awesome but where is it on kanye's twitter? ehh...I'll wait til it's official
it IS official. go to this link its from ye's twitter

UltraKid said:
High off himself and drunk off keri hilson....
took one for the team
I see what you did there!
when keri started talking about the song's meaning and ye was just looking down she shot him a look like "wtf are you doing dude?"
DavidR said:
he's the only thing good to come out of jersey shore. total ***, sure, but fucking funny
Master360 said:
i like we have only 2 rapper on this track
pusha-t verse -keri chorus -kanye verse = EPIC
and thats how it should be :)
DavidR said:
Hopefully we get 2 Ye verse's or a Keri Hilson break down where she just moans for a good 45 seconds - 1 minute.
or just a music video of her moaning with ye and pusha muted while rapping in the background. i'd like that.
Maskot said:
no props for Cyhi?
no offense to anybody else but when he shows up on a track i fall asleep. his flow is so boring and i still can't understand what the hell he's saying. but i'll be open minded and give him a chance on this one ;)
Allskillz said:
Aaah, shit!

I mean either he was drunk or he had a woody coming cause look at how he was grabbing and looking at her! Awkward is written ALL OVER Keri's face!
I love it how Kanye laughs when he says "Actually, it's the first time we've worked together" haha, what does he mean by that!

I'm loving Kanye more and more
its stuff like that which kinda makes him more 'human' in my eyes. he's just like any other dude around keri hilson: horny聽 :problem?:
For hotness? because if you're into preggers then GTFO
1 - 20 of 597 Posts
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