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Come on i mean

1)4x Platinum
2)Grammy Award Winning
3)Platinum selling singles
4)Was Aubrey's Mainstream breakout major record accepted by the masses.

Imo its timeless,i can still put this shit on and vibe,simp,reflect,and get Lit. Bars are on point,and the production was very unique. Also for an album to be considered a classic you have to reach in my personal opinion 5 years afterwards to really reflect on if its a classic or not,and i feel Take Care meets that criteria , fuck what charlamange or the media think, its about what the fans and music fanatics feel universally, and i doubt many even drake haters will shit on this album that much as opposed to his other projects(SFG doesnt count unfortunately,maybe to some).
And T-Minus imo was the reason this ***** won a grammy,way better producer than Boi-1da in my personal opinion,gave him hits for real,then went ghost LOL oh well.
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