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T-Bib - Wake Up Persoiseville!

So After releasing my last Beat Tape (The French Job), Here's my latest mixtape. it's an experimental mixtape, there are instrumental, remix, and original productions with many talented rappers from the UK to the canada. Some of those beat will be on the collaborative album with Luque, Evasion, but they're not final versions.
Thanks to Praverb to allow me to use this acapellas for some songs. Thanks to Luque, Deon, Duck, Luke, Extrahype for their collaboration!

Artist: T-Bib
Album (Mixtape): Wake Up Persoiseville!
Year: 2010-2011
Featured Artists: DEON, DiYo, Duck, Luke, Luque, Praverb, A-Plus, Extrahype
Producers: T-Bib

Thanks to Marqus for the cover!

Listen Here

1 - Intro
2 - Unlucky Day (Feat. Luque, Luke & ExtraHype)
3 - Swwet Morning (Instrumental)
4 - Tell Me Again (Feat Luque & A-Plus)
5 - Notions
6 - Vintage (Feat. Luque)
7 - Damage is Done (Instrumental)
8 - Holiday (Feat. DEON, DiYo, Duck & Luke)
9 - Curry Sauce
10 - Rock On (Remix) (Feat. Praverb, Bame one & Theo 3)
11 - Check It Out (Remix) (Feat. Nicki Minaj & Will I Am)
12 - Unlucky Day (Remix) (Feat. Praverb & DiYo)

1st Single : Holiday feat. DiYo, Deon, Luke & Duck
2nd Single : Unlucky Day feat. ExtraHype, Luke & Luque

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haha I didn't even know this track finally came out! lol. BTW did u get my messages on klive about the beat?
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