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SXSW Vevo Perfomances MP3 (320kpbs Links inside)

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I searched for these but didn't find them, so I had to make them myself.
Here it is for those who want, best quality.

(Sorry if it has already been posted).

Blame Game

http://www.mediafire.com /?z43np17wc2ycy3y

Dark Fantasy

http://www.mediafire.com /?psn0w8t6ezzpc2e


http://www.mediafire.com /?rzfl22t5aru9m1l

Intro/Oh No

http://www.mediafire.com/ ?byk1yltwb08lpq3
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Don C. said:
I don't think we're allowed to put links in here. Break them up so they're not links.
Oh really ? Even if it is out on Youtube and anybody can get it ?
I followed your advice though.  :h5:

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Don C. said:
good thinking. yea well look down by where you are posting and you see this disclaimer. Note: posting links to copyrighted materials will result in a ban. We have a zero-tolerance policy on illegal download links. (This is a message to everyone)
Indeed, I never paid attention to it ah!
b-radical said:
320 links to Mos Def's intro?

dat bass :datass:
I can upload it to you in 5 minutes if you want :oblivious:
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kuci06 said:
Might as well do one myself

I took yours, props
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