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The song features:
Kool G Rap
Pharoah Monch
Tech 9ne
Jayo Felony

Enjoy! Who killed it? I think they all did but Pharoah Monch, Kool G Rap and Em did the best imo.

It's from 1999, off the album "This Or That" by Sway & King Tech.

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G Rap Had The
Best Verse In My
Opinion He Rhymed
The Syllable For
A Entire Verse

I sway the tech wit the Tech and Sway Step away, wet and spray, rep the day Who over debt to pay get swept away Across the whole board like checker play When I blaze your whole sect' arrays Wake-Up Show for those slept away ****** that the trey, hit the deck and pray DJ Revolution, spinnin like lead from out the heck-AK Tearin your neck away , flood up the street wit bloody decora'
Until the head of jake investigate

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