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As a long-time member of an Israeli hockey team competing in international tournaments, Toronto resident Ron Soreanu has encountered hostility and anti-Semitism on his travels.

But when his blue duffel bag tumbled down the conveyor belt at an airport in Vienna with pen-drawn swastikas on it, Soreanu was floored.

"We were completely shocked," the 31-year-old player told CTV News in a phone interview Saturday from Vienna, where he has filed a criminal report about the incident and lodged a complaint with the airline.

"This is not something that we've ever encountered before."

The swastikas were drawn around the words "Israeli National Hockey Team" and several Stars of David printed on the duffel bag.

Soreanu said he was on a Lufthansa Airlines flight from Toronto to Vienna via Dusseldorf, Germany with three other members of an Israeli team set to compete at a division two world hockey championship in Bulgaria next week.

The team was attending a training camp in Vienna before heading to the tournament.

Soreanu doesn't know whether his bag was vandalized in Toronto, Germany or Austria, but he's determined to find out who did it.

"I've been playing on this team for about 16 years and we've had issues with security, we've had issues with racism in the past, but nothing this blatant," Soreanu said.

"It's just infuriating to see that this kind of thing still exists."

Soreanu has filed a report with Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa's representative at the Vienna airport, but has yet to speak with a Lufthansa manager. He said he will continue to pursue the matter from his final destination – Sofia, Bulgaria.

Despite his anger over the incident, Soreanu said it won't affect his performance on the ice next week.

"This is motivation for us," he said. "This is the kind of thing that makes us proud to represent Israel, that makes us proud to be players on this team."

"The bag is going to hang in the dressing room for everyone to see why they're here and why they're wearing the jersey."

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